The Streets’s music editor Ella caught up with rapper and actress Paigey Cakey. Find out what the multi-talented star had to say below:

Amor: What do you prefer acting or singing?

Paigey Cakey: Rapping and singing – this is because you can express yourself on more levels and show diverse parts of your personality. In acting you are playing a role. I do love acting, it has opened many doors for me. I am also enjoying my musical journey.

Amor: What was it like being on Waterloo road?

Paigey Cakey: I absolutely loved filming Waterloo road as I grew up watching the show and so many of the actors on there were like role models to me.I owe a lot of my musical and acting success to this show as well and I am very grateful and humbled by this.

Amor: What can you tell us about your upcoming project The Right Paige?

Paigey Cakey :I can’t wait to release this at the end of the month- I have finally found my sound and it consists of both singing and rapping so I am content and excited about releasing this project and I believe my fans will love and support this.

Amor: Do you find it tough being a female rapper in a male dominated industry?

Paigey Cakey: There is still work that needs to be done in the UK in comparison to the US with labels recognising and taking on more female rappers. Due to it still being so male heavy, a lot of males did not respect me initially so it was tough for me and a lot of my fans were initially females with males only seeing my physical attributes. It is sometimes difficult for me in this industry as a lot of men think that women should be in the kitchen rather than spraying bars. That means I have to work even harder than the average male rapper. My GRM daily RATED freestyles that I released last September and also last month has changed that somewhat and hopefully with my new forth coming mixtape, I wish to change this even more.

Amor: What advice would you give to aspiring female rappers?

Paigey Cakey: Put yourself in a place where opportunities can see you and use social media effectively to promote your music as well as go to as many open mic nights as possible to get yourself heard.

Amor: Who are your favourite female rappers?

Paigey Cakey: Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott and Miss Dynamite were a huge influence to me growing up and paved the way for many female rappers in the UK today. So I owe homage to them.

Amor: You’re known for your unique style, where do you get your clothes from?

Paigey Cakey: This is a combination of online, being given clothes by independent designers and PR companies, high street shops such as River Island and Top Shop. I also have a good stylist who knows exactly what works for me.

Amor: What’s next in store for you?

Paigey Cakey: I’m doing a launch party for my mixtape. Also I will be dropping music videos from the mixtape over the next few months till the end of the year. I also plan to launch my own clothing line. I have a cameo in the new Noel Clarke movie “The Legacy” and also start filming next year for another movie.

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