The most fun and comfortable trend around: androgyny is back! Embrace your boyish side with sharp tailoring, monochrome outfits, and masculine shapes.

An inspiring photographer that is renound for her gritty photographs of rugged models and androgynous women is Boo George. Her photographs portray a certain toughness that oozes ‘cool’, even though it doesn’t scream fashion. The simplicity of the photograph, like the trend, is what makes it so attractive.

George’s photographs of supermodel Freja Beha Erichsen illustrate the true essence of androgyny. This is really how it’s done. Rough textures and rugged styling (along with a beautifully structured face) are what makes these pictures work so well.

And of course Agyness Deyn became an icon of androgyny, pulling influence from the 1960′s with mod and skinhead culture and style

Experiment with this trend in simple ways by pairing boyfriend fit or straight leg jeans with a navy polo-shirt or sweater and brogues for a smart boyish charm. However, for work-wear it may be more appropriate to invest in a contoured trouser suit with smokey makeup to add a hint of femininity. Keep skin clear and simple while defining the eyes with eyeliner and mascara, keep eyebrows bold (think Cara Delevingne) but leave lips muted! This look is all about seeming effortless.

Words: Katie Tsappas 

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