Breaux Cosmetics launched only this year and is already making a name for itself as the go-to lash company for ladies that want to look and feel brand new. Breaux comes from the french term ‘Brou’ and offers high quality premium lashes which are each uniquely handmade specifically for the individual.

The cruelty free cosmetics brand first launched their 3D mink lash range created for breaux dolls all around the world. These lashes are extra soft on the eyes and applies quick and smooth all whilst keeping the client in mind, hence why each lash name has a unique and fun feel to it.

Bambi is part of their medium to full lash range, great for an everyday natural look, yet still adding just enough glam to your face if you are after that ‘no makeup-makeup look’


Dollface is my favourite look in the range as it gives you the perfect lash look for people that have naturally short lashes (like myself) However Dollface offers that cute and cosy flutter affect, but also acts as the perfect finishing touches for a full on glam look.

Luxe lashes is the full on dramatic lashes that every girl needs in her lash collection. Again if you have naturally shorter lashes, Luxe has that bold affect taking you from basic to baddie in just one strip. These lashes are the boldest of the range and most suited if you are going for baddie vibes.

All of the above lashes can be worn up to 25 times and range from £6-£10. You can purchase a set of 3 lashes for £20 from their premium range which is amazing value for money. The brand recently launched their eye-shadow palette ‘Sahara palette’ giving you tropical vibes with their warm toned browns and oranges. As well as that Breaux Cosmetics have future plans to expand their collection including lip products which we are super excited for!

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