It’s October which means it’s basically Christmas, which means party season is here and ready! Whether you are planning your best halloween outfit, or your most glamorous Christmas party work outfit, there is an eyelash for it all.

Falsies are the best efficient way forward, they instantly take you from basic to baddie in just 3mins (well if you are anything like me, you may take an extra 10 mins putting on lashes) but all in all, lashes give you that comfort that if all goes wrong with my outfit my lashes have done justice and that’s all that matters.

Below we have included three lash styles that are your must have’s for this party season.

Laced LDN 

Not only does Laced Ldn provide you with a variety of mink lashes to choose from for whichever occasion you need it to suit for.  These lashes also have the upmost comfort, not applying pressure to the lash line which is great for if you have sensitive lashes and need something light weight.

The lashes can be brought individually for £6.99 or two for £13, great for if you want two different looks for two different occasions.


Millions beauty 

The brand that provide ‘The best lashes, for your best life’ Millions beauty is a cruelty free and vegan company promising that your lashes can be reusable up to 20x – I think we have found some sort of gold here because this is complete goals. If you are anything like an ordinary girl, you probably lose eyelashes after  every night out or just in everyday life – or better yet, after about 2/3 uses the lashes are completely worn out. As well as their 3D luxury lashes which will give your eye shape great dimension the brand have announced they they will be collaborating with a  London based streetwear brand very soon.

Anora Beauty 

The home of glamorous mink lashes, everything just screams out glamour, from their website to their beautiful models that rock their lashes so effortlessly. These lashes are called ‘Marilyn’ I think depending on your eye shape these lashes would look different on each person. I love that because I don’t actually have any lashes of my own, plus my eye shape is quite small therefore these lashes look extra glamour and intense which is the look I tend to love each time I am grabbing a pair of lashes to wear for the day.

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