Published on 12th April 2019

Business owner and Youtuber Lizzie Loves started her journey within the entrepreneur life through sharing beauty, fashion and lifestyle talks on her channel whilst giving us a slight glimpse into her everyday life.

Now 150K subscribers later, Lizzie can add ‘Co-founder’ to her resume as she is now the co-founder of Jewelry brand Kionii  

Read below for more inspo from this superstar.

You have been on youtube for close to 3 years now, what do you believe are the key things that have kept your brand relevant and engaging?  

I would say always listening to what my viewers want me to create and making content that is high quality, creative and authentic.

You have recently been switching things up on your channel for the last few months, I know your audience love your daily vlogs, do you plan to bring that back to your channel? 

Thanks! I’m not too sure –  I do love daily vlogging however as I get older, I like to keep parts of my life private. I may just vlog on special occasions and holidays.

What is one tip that you would give to someone looking to start a youtube channel/business? 

I would say research as much as you can and then start! You’ll learn a lot along the way which comes with experience.

Was Youtube something you always wanted to do or did you just fall into it?
A bit of both. I think I’ve always been the go-to friend to share tips on makeup + hairstyles so when I started doing it on YouTube it was mainly to have a creative outlet. I never really expected it to grow as much as it did.

You are also the co-founder of Jewellery brand ‘Kionii’ how did this come about, and what was the inspiration behind the brand?
My business partner reached out to me to wear some of her pieces and at the time I was interested in starting a business I never really knew in what or how. I could see places in her business that I could add value and help consult with regards to social media and branding, so I originally came on as a consultant for around 6 months and then we decided to go into business together. It was really organic which I appreciate a lot.

Onto beauty talks – What is your favourite go to makeup brand and product?
Nars – everything! I love both their skincare and makeup range.

What is the best beauty tip that you discovered that no one ever told you about? 

Putting setting powder on your base before your foundation! It helps with sweating.

What are two beauty items that you could live on?

Rimmel Eyebrow pencil and Hot lips lip balm from the hair shop!

What is next for Lizzie Loves youtube and business wise this 2019?
I would love to open up another business this year and also dive more into my niche

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