With her previously shared singles ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Ur The Party’, ‘Take Me To LA’ and ‘Overwhelming’ already gaining so much attention this past year, Oxfordshire-based artist BETSIE GØLD is capping off 2020 with her beautiful
new track ‘Birthday Sadness’. With its warm and enticing atmosphere, ‘Birthday Sadness’ is a sweeping and subtle return that highlights more of her seldom seen tenderness. Collaborating with fellow songwriter Kaity Rae, they have produced one of her most sensual offerings yet.

Adding about the release, she said, “I wrote ‘Birthday Sadness’ with Kaity Rae in our first session since lockdown. The track originally started off pretty upbeat with completely different production, but we couldn’t seem to get anything down. The more we spoke about how this year has made having a birthday even scarier because it’s like we’ve had the entire year taken from us with nothing to show for it, the more the lyrics poured out. Kaity re-did the production and the rest came

together. We’re constantly led to believe that time is running out and that everything has to be figured out so young. It’s an impossible ideal. Every year (especially one like this) birthdays make you face everything that has or hasn’t changed, good or bad. I miss the years of not being able to sleep because I was so excited about my birthday because the only thing that mattered was the party, presents and cake.”

Listen to the full track below:

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