Ruby Mae Moore, Editor-in-Chief & Founder
Hello Amorelles! I am Ruby Mae Moore, 24 years old and I am the Editor-in-Chief and founder of The Streets. I embarked on this amazing journey approaching 5 years ago now, and it has been so rewarding! My main goal with starting Amor was I wanted to produce a platform for young creatives to break into the media industry. The media industry is such a rigid domain to enter, so I aimed to offer young people the work experience that will allow them to penetrate this sought-after field.
I hope the concept of having a publication that is suited to every young women from our beautiful London city, regardless of ethnicity or class, is illustrated in our imagery and the content we are producing. I yearn you enjoy the The Streets as much as the team and I enjoy putting it together…“Some women are lost in the fire, and some women are built from it…”
Twitter & Instagram: @TheRubyMaeMoore | | – coming soon simple-smile-8540959

Wardah Sempa, Fashion Editor
My name is Wardah Sempa and I am the Fashion Editor of The Streets. I love what I do and have such a huge obsession with fashion, social networking and writing! I’ve just graduated from UCA University, I also run a blog called “Bitchy Online UK”. I’m pretty much known as a hard worker and a hard raver and see my self in 5 years time still working with Amor as it grows into one of the best female lifestyle magazines in the UK! Whilst still working on my blog Bitchy Online UK. “It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to.”

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter:

@WardahSempa |

Mya Savannah, Presenter

Hello Amorelles! My name is Mya Savannah; I have been part of the incredible Amor Team for just over a year. I am the official presenter, head of Amor TV and also the head of sales. I am all about female empowerment and equality. There’s so much to look forward to as we are expanding the Amor team and getting our readers more involved in the magazine.

“Reporting live from the comfort of my own throne

Follow me on Twitter / Instagram – @MyaSavannah_

Araminta Pender, Beauty Editor
Hi everyone! My name is Araminta Pender (Minty for short) and I’m your new Beauty Editor at The Streets. I’ve been working with Amor for over a year now, first as a writer, then intern and now I have my own section which is amazing! I graduated this year with a BA in English from Royal Holloway University of London and before I joined Amor, I wrote for several online magazines and blogs as well as being a regular contributor to the lifestyle section of my university magazine, The Orbital. I’ve always enjoyed writing creatively and I am really excited about pursuing a career in journalism. Outside of Amor, I have my own fashion and beauty blog through which I have discovered a genuine passion for writing articles and sharing my work with others. It’s been brilliant to watch Amor grow over the last year and I’m really excited to start my new role. We’ve got some really exciting developments to make Amor bigger and better this year so watch this space! Twitter: @mintypender | Instagram: araminta92| Blog:

Paige Russell, Love & Sex Editor
My name is Paige Russell; I am 24 and have a degree in Fashion Brand Management and Journalism. I am currently the love and sex editor for Amor magazine where my team and I share past and present stories on men, sex and relationships with the added bonus of talking about toys and fun tips to keep it spicy in the bedroom.
In my free time I love to write and entertain people with my blog called The Page I have a passion for journalism and hope to be presenting one day.  Right now I am loving being part of the Amor team, and I am excited to see the magazine develop and grow into the best selling female magazine in the UK. I hope you enjoy the love and sex page and email in any saucy hot stories you have.

T: @babyfacedpaige | I: Paigenatalie

Ella December, Music Editor
I am the Music Editor for The Streets. I edit, commission and writes music articles for the magazine.
I am also a published author and preparing for the release of my second novel simple-smile-8540959
You can purchase Crossroads from Amazon.
Twitter and Instagram – @EllaDecember

Jan-Marie Revers, Entertainment Editor
Hey Amorelles!  I am Jan-Marie Revers the Entertainment Editor for The Streets, BA Journalism graduate, author in progress and aspiring entrepreneur. I have seen this publication grow from just a blog to both print and an online platform. I can confidently say it will only continue to develop and I absolutely love what it stands for. If you have a passion for writing, female empowerment or simply want to gain experience in the media industry Amor is for you!
“Our growth depends not on how many experiences we devour, but on how many we digest”
Twitter: @JMRevers | Instagram: @missjan_ | Website & book coming soon!

Hey Amorelle’s, my name’s Siane Mullings, I’m 24 and I’m from Birmingham simple-smile-8540959

Siane Mullings, Lifestyle Editor

I’ve been with Amor for a about a year now and it’s been amazing to have hands on experience with such an innovative publication.
I love exploring subjects to do with race, feminism, the arts, politics and everyday culture. In my passtime I update my personal blog and visit as many art exhibits as I can (with sketch book in hand :D). 

One thing I love about Amor is the freedom we’re all given to express ourselves as individuals and I look forward to seeing what Amor does next.

Blog: Twitter | Instagram: @sianeiam

Jasmin Woodward, Beauty Journalist I’m Jasmin, I am eighteen years old and I am from Bedfordshire. I have been writing for Amor for over a year now as a beauty writer. I am currently a student and an aspiring journalist and I am looking to study Journalism at university. I have a passion for beauty and writing, and have aspired to be a journalist all my life, ever since starting my blog in 2013.Twitter & Instagram: @jasminwbu

Maisie Bovingdon, Beauty Journalist

Hi! I’m Maisie Bovingdon and I am an aspiring journalist. Since graduating with an English degree from Royal Holloway in 2014 I have dived head first into “the REAL world, interning for publications such as British Vogue and Asos as well as freelancing for Grazia. During my final year at University I was Deputy Editor of our student magazine ‘The Orbital’. I believe that this insight into the Editorial sphere, is what propelled me further into the magical realm of journalism. I write regular hair and beauty articles for The Streets plus anything from fashion, to reviews, to just little memos and my opinions, which feature on my blog: So, to say I enjoy writing is an understatement!
Twitter: @BovingdonMaisie | Instagram: @maisiebov

Grace Donelly, Beauty Journalist

I am a 20 something qualified makeup artist and a lover of all things fashion and beauty. I began writing for Amor in 2014 when starting my degree at Southampton Solent University as a way to gain experience into my planned career. I am also the founder of That Northern Girl, a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog.

Charley Jai, Entertainment Journalist
Hey folks!! As an Entertainment Writer for The Streets, it is my aim to share innovative, current, humorous, informative articles and events with our dedicated readers. It’s a joy to be part of such a positively driven publication!
TWITTER: @msCJ80 | INSTAGRAM: mscj80 | BLOG:

Grace Room, Fashion & Beauty Journalist
Well hi there Amorelles!
I’m Grace Roome, 21 years old from London and currently studying Multimedia Journalism. I enjoy blogging about fashion and outfits that I style and put together. My blog also consists of myself rambling on about places I have travelled to and what I have made for breakfast or where I went for dinner. I am not a full time blogger, but if I could I would blog all day every day. My blog can be found at I also have the privilege of writing about beauty and fashion for The Streets.
I have styled and model for photshoots, I have a love for fashion, beauty and writing and I adore reading a good women’s mag. My favourite is of course AMOR as it does a great job feeding my passion for all of the above.
Where do I see myself in five years’ time? Hmmmm well hopefully still writing about beauty and fashion for Amor! 
Twitter: @roomewithaview Instagram: @gracieroome 

Trifonia Asmar
Hi Amorelles! My names Trifonia Asmar (Triffy for short) I am one of Amors beauty writers. I am continuing my journalistic journey this year as a BA fashion journalism student at The University of the Arts London. So it’s time to wave goodbye to my hometown Southampton, and say hello to the Capital. Outside of the studying and magazine, I also run my own blog “The Visual Insight” where I review my thoughts and opinion on: fashion, beauty, culture and controversy.  As cliché as it sounds, I have always wanted to peruse a career within fashion journalism and cannot wait to see what the future will bring! Twitter: @triffyasmar | Instagram: triffyasmar | Blog:

Amy Taylor
Lifestyle writer, Southampton Solent Journalist student and writing enthusiast. Although writing is my passion, food is my best friend, with a food blog which I update regularly with student friendly recipes. Currently in the middle of writing my first book whilst trying to keep up-to-date with writing on magazines. One day, I hope to be editor of a fabulous magazine!
Follow me on Twitter @AmyJoannaTaylor and Instagram @amyjoannataylor

Alice Emily Crick, Beauty Journalist
Hi everyone! My name is Alice, I’m 20 years old and I am one of the contributing beauty writers for The Streets. I write articles for Amor based on a broad range of topics that interest me. This includes popular areas for discussion in the beauty industry, such as hair, makeup and fashion!
I am currently studying towards a degree in BA (Hons) English Literature at Royal Holloway, University of London and I can’t believe that I am already fast approaching the end of my first year at university!
When I am not at university, I also work outside of term-time as a Beauty Advisor, which is something that I have done for coming up to two years now and I still absolutely love it.
I ultimately aspire to have a career in journalism. If I could somehow combine that career with working in the beauty industry, then I would have my absolute dream job!
In addition to writing pieces for Amor, I also write articles for My Student Style (a national student publication) and The Orbital Magazine (a magazine run by students from my university).
Finally, I run my own personal blog – ‘Beauty and Riffs’ – where I blog about a range of different things that interest me, including makeup, beauty, fashion, music and lifestyle.
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Monique Haase, Foodie’s Corner

I’m Monique and I have been with The Streets for nearly a year now. I put my love and passion for food and eating out into @foodiescorneruk the restaurant review section of the magazine. I recently completed my Media degree at Roehampton University and aspire to forge a career in PR.

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