Ruby Moore, Editor-in-chief and Founder


Ruby Moore – Editor-in-chief and Founder

Our condolences go to George Floyd and his family. The release of the video revealed how George, an unarmed innocent black man, was murdered by a police officer, with multiple police officers assisting, in Minnesota, USA. The whole world has seen multi-cultural demonstrations protesting in support of his life, and standing up for the many others who have lost their lives through police brutality, as well as the black community being oppressed by systematic institutional racism. The tragic murder of George was an illustration of police brutality, that the world witnesses too frequently.

Working in the media industry, we witness the love for black culture – black beauty, fashion, music, film and literature, but not a love for their people. This has to change.

There seems to be an increase in pressure for everyone to speak out on this topic, and although a controversial opinion, I believe that when people in authority/power, such as: politicians, CEOs, Police, Law-makers etc. are silent, this can incite violence. However, silence of people with limited authority/power, knowledge and experience about this issue, as well as those who are simply too affected by these incidents, I respect. These people speaking about delicate topics that they do not fully understand or respect, can cause more harm than good.

It is our job to educate ourselves and others around us, about the injustices of the world, ensuring people are knowledgeable and therefore able to stand up for humanity with conviction and understanding.

When I set up Amor 10 years ago, I saw a clear divide in the media industry. Back then, although not long ago, it was hard for young people, especially from working class backgrounds and ethnic minorities, to get their work in print and gain experience, or a foot in the door in the mainstream media outlets. This is why I created Amor as a platform to offer these opportunities.

Amor was also created to promote racial equality. At the time of Amor’s origin, the magazine industry reinforced racial divide by having separate publications aimed at specific cultures exclusively. Amor was the first multi-cultural magazine in the country to see its content cover all ethnicities side by side, enabling the promotion of racial equality and unity. The ethos of Amor remains the same up to this day.

Yes, all lives matter, but right now, in this current climate, we are talking about and promoting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” because until this happens, all lives don’t matter. May we stand together and ensure all of us are treated and valued equally across the globe.

Love, peace and prayers are sent to everyone at this difficult time. The next protest will take place on Saturday 6th June at Parliament Square, Westminster, 1pm.

“It’s not Black vs White, it’s Everyone vs Racism” ??

Yaz Boolaky, Deputy Editor


Yaz Boolaky, Deputy Editor

Over the past week I have felt an overwhelming sadness in the recent events that have been taking place all over the World. I have felt sadness at the killing of another innocent Black man – R.I.P George Floyd – I have felt sadness at all the injustice and racism that is so clearly prominent in our present society, and most of all I have felt sadness that none of this has shocked me.

This last week has been full of continuous learning for many of us around the World, and whilst my heart has sat heavy all week, the power of the Black Lives Matter movement has created many positive and uplifting moments in watching everyone unite against racism.

In praying for a better future for the human race, I hope that the awareness we have been gifted with over this last week is something we all carry forward with us for the rest of our lives and pass down to the generations to come, as these will be the imperitive starting steps in seeing real change.

“Denial Is The Heartbeat of Racism”… So let’s all face it head on, together.


Emma Humphryson, Beauty Editor


Emma Humphryson – Beauty Editor at The Streets

We stand in solidarity with the fight against systematic racism. At Amor we strive for inclusivity and diversity, we urge everybody to join us in the support of BLM. There is so much more to be done. Sign petitions, educate others, acknowledge your privilege. Silence is violence.

Annie Rockson, Music Editor


Annie Rockson, Music Editor

Being anti-racist is actively educating yourself and taking action to dismantle the racist systems we operate in.

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