Blackmilk Clothing has swayed away from their traditional style of items for a new Gym Range, to be released December 18.

I know it’s Christmas and all we want to do is eat festive treats, however for the hardcore gym-goers or those that hit the gym in January, this is the new range that takes both image and quality fabrics in to consideration.

The range consists of gym tops and shorts, but they are especially excited about the new BM (Blackmilk) legging.

The fitting for the gym wear took place on Monday, one employee said:

“Most girls who typically wear a small in BM were really happy in the small BM gym legging. However, a couple of them wanted more ‘hold’. They sized down to an XS, and – boom – they got the squeeze they were hoping for. This is because we use a very lightweight fabric that just clings to you like a second skin (or a third skin if you already have two). However, even though the fabric is lightweight, it is so awesome that is not see through.”

The clothing company is known for its super embossed leggings, in an arrayed colours or patterns, even images such as cartoons or galaxy shots. So Blackmilk clothing lovers are sure to love the fitting of this new range.

“So, BM gym leggings lovers, you have a decision to make! If you like to feel super comfortable in your gym leggings, stay with your usual size. If you like the squeeze to hold in all the bits, and you are on the smaller size of your size – GO DOWN!”

The photoshoot for the collection is taking place today so you can get some sneaky peaks at what’s to come. The range is going to be released on December 18.

Words: Natalie Toft 

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