Queens of Rap takeover Musicalize!

Indigo 02 hosted Musicalize – a night of live entertainment from both US and UK artists. The Musicalize brand is rapidly being recognised for bringing US artists we all love to our UK stage. We have previously witnessed a great show from the talented superstars Brandy and Ciara. However, Muscalize upped their game this month, creating history, by bringing the Queens of rap; Lil Kim and Eve to London!

Eve graced the stage with style as the curtains drew back – her beauty was astounding – picture perfect! Knee high black boots, black leather skirt, stunna-glasses topped off with a fur… She blew us away! The roars of excitement when she screamed: “What’s up London!?” filled the arena. As Eve dropped “Who’s That Girl?” the crowd went crazy! The rest of her set was an electric fusion of her old skool and new skool music. Eve worked the stage and crowd with such professionalism and elegance; she reminded us that you don’t need to crutch grab and twerk to look sexy. Now a resident of the UK, this won’t be the last we see of E-V-E! We highly recommend going to see her in concert Amorelles! Eve showed how humble she is by inviting 8 girls on stage, to dance to the club banger “Tambourine” a delightfully unexpected end to her set.

Lil Kim Hip-Hop royalty … Wow! She truly is in a league of her own, stamping all over her Queen Bee reign she marched on to the stage with a full band, guards and 6 dancers. The crowd was amazed by the 4″11 rap star as she stood to embrace the audience, in her full red raunchy outfit. Known as the Pamela Anderson of Hip-Hop, Kim Strutted her stuff, the crowd screamed with amazement. “The Queen is here!” she vocalized, commencing with her hit “Whoa” the arena lit up! It’s not a party until she arrives! Kim churned out her bangers back to back, although she held back on the hard-core Hip-Hop flow, which made us all fall in love with her. Hopefully it wont be the last time we see Kim in London; a lot of people doubted her, but she showed London she can still pull a crowd and rock the stage like the queen she is!

Words: Ashanti Afiotor

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