We’ve all been there with a failed lace closure or a frontal that just doesn’t want to cooperate or better yet when a closure has been overly plucked and there is just no going back. Hair possessions is the first hair service treatment specialising in repairing frontals and closures. The idea came to Georgina when she had her own incident of a closure appearing beyond repair. Instead of paying someone to get this fixed she researched ways in which she could mend this herself. Much to her favour, that irritating incident has now birthed her Hair Possessions in March 2019 with a very busy clientele.

Your job is essentially fixing closures and frontals, when did this idea come to mind?

This came to mind roughly about 2 years ago when one of my closures had completely been destroyed. Bald patches everywhere. I was looking at it like “why does it look like this.” So I just started researching what can be done to fix it. Simply because I paid a lot of money or shall I say a reasonable amount of money for my closure not to be bald. I then saw this concept, started watching videos and taught myself how to repair lace pieces. I was determined to find a way to fix my closure and through that I realised that I can’t be the only one so I’ve got to make this into something.

How long have you been running this business for? And do you run this alone?

I launched 1st March 2019 so for the past 3 months and yes It’s a one woman business.

What was business like in the early stages, compared to your cliental at this very moment?

Back in March it was very slow and steady as I literally just started, but it’s been growing so quickly ever since. To start with every so often I would have at least 1/2days of not doing repairs then all of a sudden I get an influx of clients all in one go. However, coming up to my 4 month in, I now do hair everyday so roughly 4-5 clients a week. It’s definitely changed for me because I didn’t realise how many people needed my service and even in the beginning stages I felt people didn’t understand but now it’s email after email, message after message. I’m honestly so grateful to God because every time I talk about my business people are asking for my help, so I can only prepare myself for where God is going to continue to take me.

How long have you been doing hair for? And is your focus on just Hair possessions or do you still do people’s hair?

I would say I’ve been doing my own hair for a year or so, then I started doing my sisters hair. But when I say doing hair that just includes: making wigs, dyeing hair and cuts here and there. My focus now is Hair Possessions: lace repair service but I’m always open to doing hair which allows me to broaden my clientele as well as practice. Like with every other client I get they always enquire about what else I can do so now I’m more open to saying yes I can do hair so I’ll be happy to do theirs.

Is there ever a point where a frontal/closure is completely beyond repair? And has anyone ever come to you with something that you know cannot be rectified?

You know what I love to challenge myself when it comes to ‘wild’ repairs because I know there’s always a way, so I would say a lot of the ones that I have had are possible to repair I just have to think and tackle them from a completely different angle than a “usual” repair. For instance there were two closure’s that I had received one of them the hairline had receded and the other one was a burnt closure. And to this day I still look at them like “how Georgina?”, like I’m still amazed at the end result.

In answering the second half of this question, not of yet. I’m yet to reach that but through my service pictures and videos are always sent prior to the service so I’m always aware of what I’m being sent. Baring in mind I’m not only repair balding/thinning lace pieces but lace that has rips/tears, over plucked partings and burnt pieces. So I do genuinely believe that I can repair all. I’m constantly teaching myself new techniques and allowing myself to grow, learn and develop.

Would you ever open up your own hair salon ? 

Yes I would, funnily enough I’ve been racking my brain of recent to what kind of hair salon I would eventually open so it is definitely in the works for the future. But I know it won’t just be a hair salon for repairs but a multidisciplinary one, believe me this is just the beginning for Hair Possessions lace repair service, there’s so much more to come before the Hair salon and after.

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