Published on 6th November 2020

Nashville based Alt artist Brittany Pfantz’s is a powerhouse voice; her vocals and talent undeniably beam through the new track ‘Fine by me.’ Brittany Pfantz symbolically tells the story of her self-sabotage; she refuses to let her mind control her destined goals. Delivered on a heavy bassline and a jazz/soulful flow. Brittany Pfantz music is authentic and heartfelt.

When speaking about ‘Fine By Me is a song about stepping into myself. Getting out of the boxes I built in my head. I realized the limit I think that exists around my life was constructed in my mind, so losing my mind has been wonderful. Fine By Me is the first song that has every flavour of music that I love. It’s like my coming out of a genre or something. I’m really proud of it. I’m beginning to embrace every piece of who I am, and this song shows that.

Listen to the full track below:

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Brittany Pfantz, Feature, Featured, Fine By Me


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