The stunning multi-instrumentalist Tiphanie Doucet is today premiering the music video for the lead single of her new EP, each titled ‘Painted Blue’.

Twisting and turning through somber delicate soundscapes, Tiphanie uses thoughtful emotive language in the introspective, heartache filled track. A vocal melody gliding effortlessly between fragile and determined tones, alongside melodic, hearty piano and ethereal strings swirl together to create a melancholy atmosphere.

The accompanying music video highlights the track’s darker, self-reflective elements. Tiphanie’s previous experience graduating from the renowned Ballet Conservatory in Paris does not go astray as the songs emotive sound and language are encapsulated through movement.
Tiphanie discusses the track, “I am painting a landscape of songs that will describe how ripped, disconsolate, and destroyed my soul is after a man with a blue eye left me for “somebody new” with whom he is ‘Lying on (his blue) couch’”

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