This was my very first time trying solid perfume, so I was very excited!

The Eau De Parfum comes in a very light and portable acrylic casing, which you slide up like a lipstick to apply. Directions on the packaging say, apply to pulse points, and that the solid EDP can also be used as base to intensify the liquid Light & Dark fragrances.

When I applied it on my wrists the product melted on my skin, releasing a warm scent and also leaving it soft and moisturised. I used this in the morning and then I popped it in my bag on my way to work during the week.

What I love about the packaging is that I didn’t have to worry about the lid coming off because that’s what usually happens with my liquid perfumes.

The fragrance itself has a strong base of, aromatic and earthy tones of Myrrh, Patchouli, Incense, Amber. This is then mixed with sweet Mandarin, Grapefruit, Peach, White Pepper, Lily, Gardenia, Jasmine and Rose. The essential oils in the EDP are very rich, skin friendly and mind calming.

“I wanted to create an Eau De Parfum with an edge but still have a provocative blend of femininity, it had to be a scent that women would love to wear and that men would adore on them. LIGHT & DARK Original is a powerful mood enhancer and the perfect tool for seduction” – Leighton Denny

The earthy and aromatic notes were not to my taste because I prefer fun and floral scents but overall this would be a great gift idea for someone who prefers a more natural yet seductive scent. I was pleasantly surprised at how long the perfume remained potent on my skin for and I didn’t need to re-apply throughout the day!

My final thoughts about the Light & Dark solid EDP are that; It’s the perfect perfume product for the right person and retailing at only £14.50, I would not hesitate to purchase this as a gift.

You can order the Light & Dark solid EDP here

Written by Fiona Bigirwenkya

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