When men go on solo trips; the safety risks aren’t as high and even though it’s a little more risque for a woman, it isn’t impossible. So we’ve compiled some tips that can help you get started on your journey :

1. Pick a safe destination.

As a woman travelling alone your safety is of utmost importance.There are many beautiful destinations in the world but not all of them are safe. Do your research on the safest places to travel to here at www.escapehere.com. Research the crime rate,whether it’s a tourist friendly city etc.

2. Travel with other solo travelers.

Travelling alone isn’t as rare as one may assume, in fact, there are quite a few organisations that are dedicated to solo female travellers that you can find here Telegraph – Solo Travel – The best tour operators for singles. This is the best way to meet new people and make new friends (or find love) and you won’t be completely alone. These organisations can also help you plan your trip down to the accommodation, travel and flights.

3. Learn the Language.

This tip is key, once you know the language you’ll have a better grasp of the countries customs. You’ll also have one up on anyone who may want to take advantage of your naivety, plus you’ll be able to indulge in the culture and get to know the locals.

4. Meticulously plan your trip.

If you decide that a group of strangers is not your thing then planning your trip meticulously may be the best option for you. Plan each day; morning noon and night. How you’re getting to and from destinations, scheduling a time to get back to the hotel at night and giving your friends and family contact details etc.

Written by Siane Mullings

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