Published on 28th May 2021

Recently we filled you in all about Carfume – The designer inspired car fragrance, and I’ve gotta tell you, my car is still smelling amazing 4 weeks later with plenty of liquid still in the bottle.

Original Carfume In Red

Even though we are still driving happy and smelling fresh we had to update you on Carfume’s latest work of wonder – already boasting a huge collection of designer inspired gorgeous scents – you’ll never believe what they’ve cooked up this time.

mmm what’s that smell?? …BISCOFF!

Yep, you read that right, we’re not taking the biscuit (sorry)… Biscoff fragranced Carfume! You know, that warm honey, cinnamon-y sugary goodness smell? Now imagine being immersed in it! We’re not quite sure whether this is going to satisfy our sugar cravings when on the road or just make them worse, but either way we’re here for it!

Available in their Red or White Premium bottle If you don’t believe us then head over to the Carfume website and check it out for yourself, they even have a special bank holiday 50% off offer running this weekend. Don’t miss out…

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