I’ve been here before, but I’m a true believer in giving people a second shot. Round one was unsatisfying, but I went back for round two.

We flopped onto the bed, I quickly realised this was a little awkward. I was hoping for some raunchy conversation, but nothing. The alcohol wasn’t flowing through either of our systems. I laid my arm across his chest in silence, he flicked over his phone and scrolled through What’s App. I needed to be centre of attention in that moment. The glare from the screen irritated me.

I made a joke about round 2, he brushed me off. I rubbed my hand over his balls and pecked him on the neck, he brushed me off. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I trickled my fingers up his arm and lightly kissed behind his ear. My moist skin against his, I slowly maneuvered myself so we were breast to chest. My kisses grew more passionate, I directed my motion down underneath his neck. Cock rubbed on my clit, everything was sticky and wet. Thrusting got more vigorous and rough. Kisses were so fast, I lost rhythm and my front teeth knocked against his. The intensity heightened, I rocked my hips back and forth, my juices connecting with his leg.

I reached my hand down, took a firm grip of the base of his penis. Moist from my juices, twisted my hand from left to right, rocked my hand up and down the full length of his piece. Trailed my tongue down his chest in a figure of 8 motion. I could feel his hips rising as we were eager to penetrate my mouth. ‘See what you’ve done’ he squeaked. Penis rock hard, I knew I was getting a round 2. It was my queue to sit on it, I paused for a moment. I lifted my head and my hips, and snuck down slowly as he filled my walls. That initial insert… ‘Oh that initial insert!’ I live for that feeling. It was over before it even begun. He pulled out, I felt his warm cum splurge onto my but cheeks. I stood up pretty quickly. He used some stray tissue to wipe it off me. ‘This is weird,’ he murmured. You would think a man would be familiar with wiping his own cum.

I couldn’t relax enough to go to sleep. My tongue was a little salty and my noon a tad saw. I could tell he was dampened by the idea of me leaving after sex, but I didn’t want to stay over. I was at least a 90minute drive away from my house and this broke my code. Already putting the experience in the past I drove away from the bullshit. I swore to never lower my morals, fuck for free (without feeling) and break my 20minute rule.

Words : @Xoshantsox

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