Eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular and are expensive to maintain, therefore it is important to make sure we keep them clean and healthy.

Dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil tend to build up along the lash line a lot quicker than you think. The build up of these skin cells and dirt eat away at the glue of the extensions.

This is what we want to avoid!!

Here are some tips for keeping your eyelash extensions clean and lasting as long as possible.

Avoid water for the first 12 hours

Although lashes love to be clean, it is important to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours as the glue needs time to bond with the lashes.

Baby shampoo

Use a clean eye shadow brush or bronzer brush and add baby shampoo then massage gently onto the lashes to remove any excess oils and dirt.

Micellar water

My personal tip is to dip your spooley brush into an oil free* micellar water and brush your lashes as you usually would. The micellar water clears away any dirty and impurities that can limit how long your lashes last.

*Oil based products can wear away the glue, causing the lashes to fall off and generally not last as long.

Alongside the spooley brush, you can also use a q tip/cotton bud to clean your lashes with an oil free product. However, it is important to AVOID using cotton pads, as the fly-away cotton strands on a pad can get wrapped around the roots, causing the lashes to fall off.

Brush them!

It sounds almost too simple but brushing your lashes keeps them strong and healthy for longer. Brush them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night time

When your lashes are messy or intertwined then use a brush to de-tangle and smooth them out

Avoid touching them

It is important to avoid touching your lashes as the oils on your hands will transfer to the lashes leaving them oily and could limit how long they last.

Drying them

If you’re going to blow dry your lashes with a hairdryer then do so at a low heat and keep the hair dryer at least a foot away from your face as you may melt the glue if it is too hot or too close.

Sticking to these tips should keep your eyelash extensions looking clean, healthy, and overall – fabulous!

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