Shabby chic locks are here to stay!

Although tussled locks are usually a summer season look due to the sheer fact the sea salt and sea breeze simply dishevels any hair do we try to create on holiday (but it works!) it seems that this beauty style has arrived- six months earlier!

Sienna Miller has recently donned the bohemian blonde bob, cut in a way to ensure that it CANNOT be too sleek and just-so. It HAS to be un-styled worn rough and ready.  Similarly, Emma Stone also rocks the crop tussled bob. This slightly more managed look is perfect for those who cannot get up and go without brushing their mane.

Not only does the tussled, shabby hair-do suit short hair, it also looks fabulous with longer hair too. The lucky long haired Rapunzel’s out there may fear that leaving your hair untamed and shabby may make you look like slightly bedraggled but Poppy Delevigne proves otherwise.

Donning shabby chic hair does not limit you to wearing your hair down, Sarah Hyland, Erin Heatherton and Zoe Saldana sport shabby chic updos including my favourite- the Grecian plait. We say goodbye to the Kim K sleek ponytails with no stray hairs in sight, and hello to the messier styles!

There are simply no rules for this hair style, but the less tame your hair looks (wispy bits included), the less try hard you look, the better; whether its down , unfussy, and tussled, short, or updo but tussled, any which way works.

Written by Maisie Bovingdon @BovingdonMaisie

Edited by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editorial Assistant @mintypender

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