Ukraine born, Dubai based songstress DIYÂ unveils captivating new single ‘Follow’, out worldwide now. A powerful songwriter that uses music as escapism, the mesmerising new single is best described as ethereal pop with elements of Trance, EDM and Electronica to add a genre-bending persona. Using music to share the most revealing things with the world, DIYÂ is a remarkable artist that oozes star quality. Gaining strong reception from listeners on Spotify/Apple Music, DIYÂ’s tracks have hit over 100,000 streams to date. Previous single “Lost” was featured on 104.7FM in Phoenix, Arizona and continues to turn heads a year after release.

Speaking about the enchanting new single ‘Follow’, DIYÂ exclaims the track is about ‘taking a leap of faith when you believe in someone and just following your heart and them’. 

“Follow” comes across as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic industry. A powerful serotonin boost that the world currently needs, the track was born whilst DIYÂ was at home during lockdown and revisited all her personal experiences in her mind. Vibrant and a track that will instantly leave you feeling great for the rest of your day, ‘Follow’ is energetic and confident.

Coming from a supportive family, DIYÂ’s dream to be a musician began at the young age of 4. Taking up music classes, DIYÂ studied at the Stephen Turchak Kyiv Children of Music and Arts School from the age of 4 till age 14. After gaining a diploma at the Music and Arts school, DIYÂ enrolled at Kyiv Academy of Circus and Variety Arts at age 16, where she received degrees in Director of Theatre, and also singing. Not only a musical genius, DIYÂ also demonstrated an aptitude for law and was offered admissions to law schools after her bachelor degrees. 

Inspired by early eras of music, you can find DIYÂ listening to Western Classical, early Jazz and more. Adding to this, the songwriter shares, “I love current genres and artists, but I get equally inspired by the earlier generations and how they experimented with music.  It truly moves me, there is a deep meaning in each and every note….”

“Follow” in the footsteps of DIYÂ’s distinctive vision, you won’t be disappointed. 

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