When you want to see more sights in the UK and you have the option of taking your motorbike or hiring a car, which option should you choose? As a bike owner, it’s often the default choice to hop on the bike. However, hiring a car provides more luggage space and an easier ride. So, it’s not a simple decision, especially when the UK weather can be a bit iffy.

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To convince you of the motorbike option, here are 4 reasons to take your motorbike and not hire a car on your next trip.

1. Free Parking and Other Possible Perks

Motorcycles are usually cheaper to run than a car, with motorcycle insurance often costing less and the vehicle itself usually getting more miles to the gallon. However, there’s another economic reason you might want to consider using your bike for your road trip – free parking.

It’s not a universal rule, of course, but there is sometimes free parking available to people riding a scooter or a bigger motorbike. It’s also possible to fit into small spaces that most cars cannot access.

When driving in congested city centres, it’s often permitted to ride the motorbike in the bus lane to get around faster as well.Not all London Boroughs allow this (Westminster is a notable exception) but it’s quite common across the country.

2. More Economical

Depending on how far you travel, motorbikes are far more economical than cars when traveling distances. While riding around in cityscapes is a little less expensive vs a car, once you’re out on the open road, the difference in cost really adds up fast.

You can also look up the cheapest fuel cost locally using the PetrolPrices.com to get the latest information.

3. Access to Routes that Cars Cannot Use

Even if you have a road bike and not a dirt bike, you can still access narrower roads that aren’t wide enough to permit a car to use them. There are plenty of roads which are best explored on a motorbike and not a car with breath-taking scenery too.

You’re likely to enjoy the scenery more when you thoroughly love feeling the breeze in your hair and taking in the sights as you roll down the road.

4. Feeling of Independence

There is nothing like the feeling of independence that you get when on the back of a motorcycle. It’s just not the same with a car. Even if you have a convertible, the driving experience will never match what the motorcyclist enjoys.

A sense of freedom and the ability to go wherever the wind takes you is sometimes the whole reason to take your next trip. It’s inspiring to see great scenery, hit any road you want,however narrow, and take night rides to get the adrenaline raving a bit.

While taking a car on a road trip clearly has its benefits too, it’s difficult to argue with what you experience with a motorcycle. Just make sure you wear the right protective clothing as some roads can be a bit treacherous.

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