Wanting to expand your skincare products or routine? Or simply don’t know where to start. Then perhaps the emerging brand Doctors Formula can help you out!

Now, I don’t know about you lovely readers, but I get super nervous trying new skincare products in case they cause me to break out, or they just don’t agree with my skin. So, to save you the trouble of wasting your money trying to find out – I did the work for you!

About Doctors Formula

The first concept for Doctors Formula began in 2014 with the aim of the brand being to create efficacious products – ones that really work to target skincare concerns. Doctors Formula is a cosmeceutical based brand which harnesses the best current active ingredients on the market which have been clinically proven to have corrective results on your skin.

Non-complex, simplistic to use yet making a powerful skin statement at the same time. Their collections combine sensorial, easily absorbed base creams, serums and lotions which are infused with power packed ingredients to work on anti-ageing, environmental stresses, and hormonally ageing skin.

Dragons Blood

I tried out Doctors Formula’s new range Dragons Blood. Dragons Blood Extract is a red resin, hence its name. The indigenous Amazonian communities have been using it for thousands of years for its healing, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.

Doctors Formula created their Dragons Blood range infused with active ingredients to soothe, smooth, and support, whilst rejuvenating stressed looking skin. Dragons Blood is a hydro-glycolic extract obtained from the latex of the tree Croton lechleri, with multiple beneficial properties for skin care treatments.

Products in the range include:

My thoughts

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty bit, my thoughts of the brand and the products. Well, first off, the product packing looks and feels very luxurious and matches the price point indefinitely. They look and feel high quality, they look as though they belong in a spa!

Having used the products for a couple of weeks, my skin has had a dewier complexion. Fully hydrated and brightened without looking or feeling greasy. Even when applying makeup, since using the products the application process has been much more effortless. My foundation sits comfortably on my skin without sinking into my pores or becoming dry and patchy in my t-zone.

My skin now feels much more soft and succulent, I am certainly looking forward to continuing with these products and they will definitely be staying in my skincare routine. I would highly recommend these products to anyone. They don’t have an overbearing scent – which I much prefer.

Even better – for a limited time The Dragons Blood Day Moisturiser, Night Moisturiser and Sensitive Wrinkle Reducer are on sale – you can buy all three for £29.95 right now on the website. Also, every purchase on the Doctors Formula website will result in a free Beauty Blur Primer (worth £89). Need I say more?!

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