No, your eyes haven’t fooled you, while it is September in the world of fashion, the clock is pretty far ahead- as I’m sure you know. So, believe it or not, today has been a day spent taking a peek at Spring-Summer 2015.

It may come as no surprise that what I like in terms of fashion is always swaying a little over to the ‘different’ side. Regardless of my attempts at dressing rather simply, I cannot, try as I might, ignore my inner desires. What’s a girl to do huh?

So, when I scrolled (for the millionth time this week) through Vogue- obsessed would be an understatement – my mood improved somewhat when I was welcomed by the Spring-Summer 2015 page. Of course, my first immediate thought was, what do Acne have to offer?

My oh my, the collection (while I try to steer clear of this word) is nothing other than, dope. Why is it every time Acne bring their collection out, there is genuinely nothing I dislike in it? Nada. I would change absolutely nothing. Oversized silhouettes and tactical layering – what’s not to like? And those boots, I’m swooning.

I think it’s safe to say the brand very ironically, have me sprung. What’s the verdict?

Words: Hannah Whiting

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