The perfect pair of jeans is always a nightmare to find! Either too short or too long, not stylish enough or a bit too out there! Finding a nice fitted pair of jeans, that you can rely on, is easier said than done. Recently, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of effort people are putting into selecting their jeans; too skinny, too pale, too long or too short… It seems to be hard to get it absolutely right! Until yesterday, I regret to admit, that I was one of those people icon_sad-4605859

Having not bought a new pair of jeans in a while, I was reduced to some faded black jeans from BDG and a pair of over worn dark blue jeans from Topshop that were tearing apart at the inside of the thigh (Distasteful I know)!

At least Kim knows exactly what sort of jeans she can rock! 

With this at the back of my mind, I went for a good scout around Oxford Street where I was still having no luck in finding anything. I decided I would try on a few dresses to entertain myself and picked up a pair of lightweight blue jeans that looked ok, and may as well give them a ‘try-on’ while I was there.
Pale and skinny will not flatter me at all, but I zipped myself in and turned reluctantly to the mirror… Wow, they made my legs look great!  Figure hugging, relaxed, and very nicely washed with just the right amount of rugged; these are the most gorgeous pair of jeans I have ever seen! icon_biggrin-9348968

Images of gold cuff bracelets, block heeled sandals and a floaty summer top teamed with these jeans generated through my mind! Or maybe I could pair them with my black sued ankle boots and a leather jacket for a bit of toughness?! With this adaptable piece the possibilities are endless.

I vowed to always wash them inside out, hurried excitedly to the counter careful not to check the price and put myself off, and grabbed an anklet to go with my luxe blue trousers. 

So amidst all the high fashion trends of this season, if anyone is looking for a neutral fashion staple, head to French Connection for an uncomplicated pair of classic jeans.

You’ve always gotta find those perfect ones… right?

Words: Virginia

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