Soon after unveiling her latest single “I Am” which was named ‘Track of the Week’ by Flavour Magazine, along with rave reviews from tastemakers including SBTV, SingersRoom and YouKnowIGotSoul, and previous support from ILUVLIVE and Urban Development among others, Kent-based singer, songwriter and musician Ebonie G is proud to release her debut album I Am Beautiful Inspiration (IABI).

Filled with empowering songs, unforgettable melodies and captivating lyrics, the I Am Beautiful Inspiration album is a collection of songs that have literally got Ebonie G through some of the hardest times of her life. Written by Ebonie G herself, and co-produced with long-time collaborators Chris Taylor and Sanjay Ranjo, the 13-track album is an exciting work of art, and makes for compelling listening.

Every song is something Ebonie has experienced, witnessed or been a part of, from the critically acclaimed “Live For Today” which is about her sister’s battle with cancer, and “So Called Love” a poignant tale of bipolar disorder and abusive relationships, to “Hear Our City Cry” which arcs back to the London Riots of 2011, and the affirming “Pick Up The Pieces” which charts her own fight against being unable to make music in 2013.

The title of the album is an amalgamation of three stand-out tracks from the album – “Beautiful” which aims to dispel society’s warped views on beauty, the previously released “I Am” to celebrate Black History Month and “Inspiration”, the only ‘love’ song on the album according to Ebonie. All in all, I Am Beautiful Inspiration symbolizes the positive outcome of making it through trials in life.

“Your experiences whether good or bad make you a good candidate to help encourage someone else dealing with similar issues”, admits Ebonie G, and she has done just that on I Am Beautiful Inspiration by creating an album of songs of positive influence, a body of work to breathe life into situations and a source of emancipation for the listener.

I Am Beautiful Inspiration is out now on iTunes, and can be streamed in full on Soundcloud, with Ebonie G performing two special tour dates to celebrate the release of her I Am Beautiful Inspiration album.

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