Have snap backs been overly worn? You must have noticed at least every other pre teen and hipster, sporting a snapback hat. Just in case you are unaware of what a snap back is (Doubt it) a snapback is an urban slang for an adjustable flat brimmed baseball cap with snap fasteners. They have spread like wildfire steadily tricking down from American baseball players of the 1950’s, to gangsters who shot each other, then made popular through rappers such as 2pac, Dr Dre, Jay Z and Ice Cube.

I’m pretty sure; 2pac is turning in his grave at the wannabes now donning his beloved trend. Thanks to the now product, Justin Bieber and his strategically side swept fringe topped with a trendy snapback, have pre teens hooked on the now uniform accessory and are blissfully unaware of its grimy beginnings. Popular brand names such as Obey and Supreme also hold a large responsibility, for this cultural phenomenon. Obey was originally started up by American rapper Sheppard Fairey. Once upon a time, he was a well-known artist but has long finished his fifteen minutes of fame and needless to say no one knows his name anymore.

The hipster tribe caught on to this and did what they apparently do best, turn something uncool to something cool and individual, quickly and decisively making it a crucial addition to their seemingly devil may care wardrobe.

These recognized and more expensive designs were once a great way to up your street cred but are steadily becoming cringe worthy and overly worn! Like everything in the fashion world Obey and snapbacks have done a loop and lets face it are no longer individual, as everyone rushed out to get there Obey hats, ruining the trend for the genuine hipsters.

So I think its now safe to say that if you want to be truly original maybe leave the snapbacks to the dead gangsters, cheers.

Words: Virginia Rose Peck

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