Tips for Salon Owners : Beauty, haircare or nails are passions for many, and if you’ve turned your love of beauty into a successful business by opening your own salon, then you’ll naturally be disappointed by the lockdown imposed by the government to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

While these measures are necessary, they’re also having a major effect on your salon business, which is deemed inessential and has been forced to shut.

Reopening again after the threats have passed can seem like a daunting challenge, but we’ve got some practical tips to help you make the process as smooth as possible.

Support Customers And Staff Throughout The Situation

This strategy requires forethought and compassion, but if you do it right, then you will be able to open again seamlessly. As salon owners, you just need to make sure that you’re supportive and understanding to your customers and staff throughout this challenging period. Offer to refund any deposits for treatments that have had to be cancelled, or offer credit on a future appointment. For your team, it’s important that you provide them with assurances that you will take advantage of the government schemes designed to keep them in their jobs.

Deep Clean Your Salon

Reassure your customers that your space is completely clean and sanitary by deep cleaning and decontaminating it before you reopen. It can be time-consuming and tough to deep clean your salon yourself, particularly if you have a lot of space and equipment, so work with a professional cleaning company to make it easier and ensure the job is done thoroughly. This commercial cleaning company, which operates nationwide, offers a dedicated Coronavirus disinfection service, so you can rest assured that your salon will be clean and ready to receive customers again.

Keep Customers Updated

During the lockdown, it’s easy to neglect your salon’s online presence, but this will leave customers unsure of what’s going on and feeling uncared about by your brand. As such, you should make your clients and supporters aware of how much you value them by sharing regular updates. These might be about your preparations to get things back up and running, the new skills you’re learning in all your new-found free time, or the steps you’re taking to protect your staff.

Offer Promotions To Entice Customers

Once your salon is reopened, you should offer discounts and promotions to entice new customers to try your salon and encourage existing customers to remain loyal. Plan your promotional strategy effectively, so that you gain from it as well. For example, you could insist that everyone who tries to avail themselves of a discount has to follow your brand on social media, thereby increasing your online following.

Prepare To Be Busy

With no access to professional treatments and celebrations to attend now that the restrictions have been lifted, manycustomers will flock to their favourite salons after the crisis is over. Make sure that you’re prepared to be busy and have made arrangements for staff to return as soon as possible. Be supportive and understanding, as many may still have commitments to deal with, such as kids who aren’t yet back in school. If you’ve followed the earlier tips for salon owners, then you should be left with a busy, successful shop that soon thrives again after this unprecedented challenge.

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