Lately there have been so many manicure trends, that it can get a bit tricky to keep up with it all! We’ve been exposed to avant garde nail shapes like the pointy nail shape that was sported by Lana Del Ray, followed by Beyonce and Rihanna. Though quite trendy, this look may not prove to be practical for the workingwoman – it may not even be acceptable at her work place! So, what if the workingwoman wants to be adventurous without breaking her work place rules and still be simply fabulous? We at Street Rose are going to highlight some of the most interesting manicure trends that can be as classy or funky as you want! Make no mistake; you will be the envy of all your girlfriends!

Velvet Manicure:

I’m sure if you are a fan of the latest nail trends, you’ve heard of the velvet manicure! It sounds truly luxurious and it looks divine too! Ciaté, a relatively new nail brand on the scene took fashionistas by storm by releasing this exquisite manicure, costing us at £14, offering three shades: Cabaret & Purple Velvet, 3am girl & Blue Velvet and lastly Cream Soda & Grey Velvet.If you are looking for a more affordable option, with a lot more colours, you’re definitely in luck! MUA Makeup Academy launched their own version called the “Fur Manicure” in five superb colours at only £3 each! They offer Boo Boo Fluff – an electric blue, Fluff and Cuddles – a deep red wine colour, Fluffy bobbin – an electric purple, Fluffy puff – a baby pink, and lastly Fluffy Fuzz – a bright magenta. What’s even better is that you can get these 3 for 2 at Superdrug! Talk about value for money.

Caviar Manicure:

The caviar manicure is another jewel for the nail that can be either classy or funky, depending on your mood and/or taste. There are several ways you can wear the caviar manicure – on all 10 nails or just on your ring finger. The caviar manicure consists of microbeads that are placed on your nail when the base nail polish is wet – you can choose to set your nail caviar (microbeads) with a top coat, however this may alter the finish of your beads. Nonetheless, this is one of the nicest textured manicures out there! Again, Ciaté introduced us fashionistas with the nail caviar manicure, with a price tag of £18. They give us a larger selection of colours to choose from in comparison to the Velvet Manicure though. We get to choose from: Black Pearls (Unresricted Glam &black Pearls), Mother of Pearl (Snow Virgin & White Holographic Pearls), Rainbow (Strawberry Milkshake & Multipearls), Cotton Candy Caviar Manicure (Ferris Wheel & Mixed Pearls), Lemon Fizz (Loop the Loop & Mixed Pearls), and Tutti Frutti (Hoopla & Mixed Pearls).

Similar to the Velvet Manicure, MUA Makeup Academy have been generous to those of us girls who don’t want to break out banks to look stunning and wear ‘out of the box’ manicures. They too have created ‘caviar’ manicures – called MUA Constellations Nail Caviar, costing us only £3. There are 5 different options in the range: Leo, Gemini, Pisces, scorpio and Libra. They work just as well as the Ciaté ones and give an absolute beautiful finish to the nails at fraction of the fraction of their price tag!

Leather Manicure: 

This trend, called ‘Bling it on Buff Leather & Skulls’ was introduced to us by Nails Inc towards the end of 2012 which tickled our fancy! It is nail polish that when applied, appears glossy, however as it dries has a rough ‘leathery’/concrete texture. They sold their initial two shades with skull embellishments in a kit that cost £19. They offer Black, Tan, Off White and a deep Red for the leather effect kit. Within this kit they give us the leather effect nail polish and 4 skull embellishments with nail glue that is used to attach the skulls to the nails.

If we’re very honest, this has been our least favorite of the trends out there – it is appealing, however didn’t live up to what we had hoped it would be. Still, it might just be something you’d like, so make sure you at least check it out!

Ombre Manicure:

This trend is relatively easy to do and doesn’t require you to purchase any special kit from any particular brand, but has definitely been a favorite these past few months. You can definitely create an Ombre nail with the nail polishes that you have at home – it works best if you have colours of the same family descending from darkest to lightest, or vice versa. If you don’t have all the colours, another life saver could be to have white nail polish and mix that with your darker shade to give you the variating shades you’d need for your ombre nail; exactly how you’d lighten paint for a painting! The results are simply fabulous!

These are just some of the latest nail trends out there that will certainly ‘WOW’ your friends and colleagues! You can certainly choose to go with the expensive choices, but don’t think you HAVE to because cheaper, and equally amazing options are out there! You just need to know where to look! Until next time ladies!

Words: Maha at Street Rose 

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