To go forward we must look back. Think clueless, sister sister, Clarissa explains it all, sweet valley high, Boyz n the good & Friday. Ahh sweet nostalgia!

The 90s are back in a massive way in so many aspects of pop culture, especially on the catwalks. From 90s RNB making a reemergence ie, Ciara – body party (sampling Ghosttown DJ’s my boo, a 90s classic) to Timberland sampling Nirvanas 1991 hit, smells like teen spirit for Jay Z’s new song Holy Grail.

Designers like 3.1 Philip Lim & Dries Van Noten have really showcase the trend brilliantly in the S/S13 collections. Obviously with this trend being around since the 90s, takes on it have happened several times so scrummage through your mums wardrobe like I have to pick up amazing pieces for free!

What makes the 2013 variation different is the slight glamorous and sexier take on the trend. Pairing your outfit with wedged trainers or heels or with a girly handbag.

A lot of the street fashion seen in cool spots like Shoreditch and Hoxton are 90s influenced. What goes around really does come back around.

Over sized men’s shirts, flannel shirts, flowery dolly dresses, Timberlands, Doc Martens, disheveled Converses and dungarees are the essence of this trend in the 90s and the 2013 revival and are seen worn by so many in the trendy spots in east London, 90s fashion was the antithesis of fashion. It was un-styled, and there wasn’t much of a silhouette. The underground was the mainstream and it is again.

This trend is best suited for people under the age of 30. Considering the history of it. It’s a trend for the youth. It’s great for festival season, for gigs, exploring the city and fun days out. Definitely not one for the office!

Celebs like the Little Mix girls are really heavy into this trend!

Cara Delevingne has also been seeing rocking this trend and doing it flawlessly,

as has my fave Kardashian. Khloe Definitely a 10/10 with the bandana in her hair and the glam sex twist with her quilted Chanel handbag.

Asos, topshop, monki & are the highstreet brands and reasonable priced online retailers to go to, to get the look for less.

Words: Ruth Fajemirokun 

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