There will always be one thing that will never go out of style, and that’s romance. The way it’s done may change but you will never be short of couples looking for a romantic evening at a stylish restaurant. So how do you create that perfect ambience for a romantic evening at your restaurant? We have put together some simple tips to help you attract people looking for a romantic evening at the best date night restaurants.

Tactical Visual Aesthetics

Sensory and visual connotations play an important role in setting the scene of a romantic evening. Ensuring that your guests are comfortable by using items such as silk cloths and luxury chairs will pay for itself, leaving your guests feeling relaxed and comfortable. Choosing the right colour palette is also just as important and let’s face it, the colour red is undeniably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the love language and romance. Red is a powerful colour with many emotive connotations and undertones, known to provoke strong feelings and stimulate memory and energy levels.  Adding little touches such as red roses or red table cloths can help to add that warm ambience that romance seekers search for. However, if you are looking for a little bit more than a few finishing touches, adding red carpet to your restaurant can transform the whole vibe and atmosphere by creating a warm and inviting space for your guests.

Quiet Spaces

To make your place the perfect restaurant for couples, ensure that your guests feel undisturbed and intimate. Allow them to have some quieter corners to be alone together and throw in some romantic mood lighting and you can’t go wrong. Your guests are most likely heading out to a romantic restaurant to have some alone one-on-one time and by putting two-person tables in the quieter areas of the restaurants, it allows couples to feel intimate and at one with each other without the disruption of larger groups around them or any distractions. We suggest locations next to the wall as it acts as a barrier between the diners and the restaurant. Providing booths in your restaurant is also a good choice as it allows the diners to feel even more intimate and alone. 

Ambient lighting is the most important factor when it comes to setting the mood, and a must have to guarantee your location is a member of the best night restaurants category. If the lighting is too bright it becomes too harsh and uninviting. Too dark and the atmosphere is almost too relaxing and can send your guests to sleep, prompting them to leave early. To get this just right, we suggest using dimmable wall lights or low hanging lights that emit a warm white glow, ensuring that the lighting levels match correctly with the decor so that customers’ eyes do not need to readjust every time they look at a different surface. Eye strain can become uncomfortable over time and so we suggest spending some time researching the correct lighting levels for your restaurant’s decor to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Drinks Selection

Romance seekers will always be looking for the best date night restaurants with a good drink selection to help lighten their mood and evening. Making sure that you have some fancy cocktails or a good wine selection can help entice diners to your restaurant with the plus side of attracting customers to spend a little extra. Not only will diners be looking for somewhere romantic, these days people are looking for an experience that they will remember or can post on social media. Providing a selection of quirky and experimental drinks will not only get you shares on social media but can also make you first choice when looking for a first date location or a fun date night. 

Music Choices 

Studies have shown that people who are looking to dine at the best romantic restaurants would rather go to a location with slow music over places with fast or no music at all. A classic go-to for a romantic music choice would be jazz or slow classical music to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Playing slower music can help make waiting for food a little more pleasant and awkward first dates silences a little more comfortable. Studies have also shown that slow music can contribute to slowing down peoples eating rhythm, encouraging them to eat more and spend longer at your restaurant. Sensory marketing is a great way to attract romantic diners and if your restaurant is themed or aimed at a specific cuisine, getting music to match this is also a great way to help diners feel like they are getting the full cultural experience.

We hope these tips help you join the list of best date night restaurants. If like many you are on a budget, some simple changes such as adding candles or changing the table cloths can make a restaurant more attractive, and as they always say, first impressions count. Ensuring your staff are polite and helpful can also help set the tone. No matter what your location, budget or restaurant layout, making a restaurant more romantic is easier than you probably first thought, so why not give it a go. 

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