I have been blessed with a great set of male friends. Some I grew up with from as early as the 1st grade and some I met as an adult. They are pretty much like my brothers and I know that they will always be in my life.

In comes the guy that wants to date me that can’t seem to wrap his head around platonic friendships. Trying to convince the person you are dating or your significant other that your friendships with your male friends are just that, is a process. Convincing your male friends on why they should care is another process.

I get it. Some “friends” cross that boundary. They start to blur the line between friendship and possibly more. We have all heard the stories (and/or experienced) of people introducing their partner to a friend only for the friend to turn out to be WAY more than a friend.

They have to met. You guys should be in a causal setting so they can interact with no pressure. If there is nothing going on it will show. They will get to join in the different convos that you all have. If they meet and he still can’t get past the friendship then send him on his way because you didn’t sign up for that insecurity. After he leaves let your male friend(s) set you up with someone instead!

Written By: Nikita Brown

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