Amun – Done Me

Amun is back with her latest video ‘Done Me’ with her signature rap & melodic r’n’b style. The visuals showcase Amun in a very posh house alongside her girls. On the track she lets her haters know that she can never be finished out here in these streets! Not one to shy away from flexin’, Amun brags about her drip and many other features that make her a certified boss. ‘Done Me’ is definitely a track for the haters, viewers can’t help but swoon over Amun’s numerous cute outfits as she declares that she is a singer out here to stay and is definitely in it for the long haul.

Miraa May, Louis Rei – Lemme Talk

Miraa May one of our favourite singers is back after having a baby and we are here for her latest single ‘Lemme Talk’ featuring Louis Rei from hip hop collective WSTRN.  The single has an old skool vibe as we see Miraa May and Louis Rei chilling in the car and on the streets, drinking & vibing out to the track. This is definitely a song to get you in the mood before you go out.

Singer-songwriter, vocal and recording engineer Klaudia Keziah’s career is going from strength to strength as she returns with her new R&B inspired offering ‘Little bit’ (remix) featuring rap trio L2R. The backing track features a sample from Lumidee’s infamous single ‘Oh Oh.’

Produced by L2R’s Jaji, and mixed and mastered by platinum-selling producer Jojo F, Klaudia explains “Little Bit is about the start of a love interest. Finally admitting to yourself that you’ve fallen for someone. “I fell in love just a little bit” is not jumping in head first into a new relationship, instead keeping your cards close to your chest as you don’t wanna get hurt.  “I got pride so I won’t admit it” lyric means I don’t wanna be forward with it or make first moves because I have pride and “love is a deadly hit” means that love can hurt so you wanna take it slow and make sure. But still saying “a little bit” so like there’s a possibility for growth.” 

For the remix The L2R boys have given the 90’s R&B inspired single an Afro-carribbean twist, by combining catchy melody, witty lyrics and an abundance of lively personalities heard throughout.

Words: @gyallikeannie

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