The Streets caught up with Just Liv and asked her the top 5 tracks that have influenced her musically. Born and raised in the Crenshaw District and neighboring areas, Just Liv was always heavily influenced by her surroundings and the influence music had on her culture. Her post collegiate years sent her full throttle into the “struggling artist” lifestyle as she immersed herself in the musical community.

These pivotal years exposed her to the business and prepared her for future work with artists such as, The Game, Snoh Aalegra, Kanye West, Wale, and Willow Smith to name a few. Find out her top influencers below: 

Lauryn Hill – That Thing

This song was huge for me for a few reasons (the entire Miseducation to state the obvious lol). The juxtaposition of Ms Hill actually being such an incredible singer and spitfire MC, having such depth and lyrical content, promoting natural black beauty, and several other points. Not to mention I sang it about a thousand time during college gigs, weddings, jam sessions, etc. This album influenced me more than most.

Bohemian – Rhapsody

This song blew my mind when I heard it. The story, the sadness, the changes… Freddy’s voice, the choral bags. I would borrow (beg to borrow) my good friend Cameron’s iPod back in the day and play it on repeat walking through the halls jr year of high school.

Etta James – At Last

I went from listening to this song on my dad’s walkman constantly singing it at countless weddings. I believe its the most requested wedding song I’ve done. As I grew vocally and even as a woman over the years, I was able to bring so much more to my interpretation of it. My voice got stronger, I was better able to emote.

James Taylor – Fire and Rain

This is one of the saddest songs I know. One of the most beautiful and gut-wrenching songs about loss and it’s also one of the most beautiful.  I love James Taylor so much. His storytelling is unmatched. I know this song got him through the grief. It also immortalized someone he loved. I to have done this, and find so much comfort in it.

Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing

This song paints the most beautiful picture. It’s raw, in every way, and it is absolutely perfect. This song is untouchable to me. pure.

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