We’ve pulled together the best diets, skin and fitness tips from our favourite models, read below to find out more:

Get Runway Ready this Fashion Week

It’s February which means London Fashion Week is right around the corner!

As much as you’ll be getting fashion inspiration from the catwalks, the next month Instagram will be filled with photos of flawless skin, flat tummies and toned limbs – and if we know Kendall and Gigi, probably followed by burgers and pizza!

We’ve gathered the top ways our favourite models get fashion week ready, with our experts advice thrown in to help you make these tips work for you:

Get the Glow

Everyone knows you are what you eat, including the model of the moment, Kendall Jenner. She wrote on her app, KendallJ:

“I looove pasta, but it definitely makes me tired, which I don’t like. I usually start my day with eggs, avocado and oatmeal. I just feel better if I eat better!”

Foods like avocado and oats are rich in Vitamins E have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for keeping blemishes at bay, Dr Marilyn Glenville, Author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar (£7.17) explains:

“Avocado is a good source of vitamin E, which is thought to have several roles in skin health. It is also thought to help protect the skin from UV rays, and have anti-inflammatory activity in the skin, deterring skin rashes, blemishes and acne.”

“Oats are a particularly rich source of biotin, a vitamin that is well-known for its role in the health of our skin and hair. Oats are an anti-ageing food, packed full of antioxidants that help to battle against cell damage. Healthy digestion is vital for our skin for two main reasons. Firstly, we need to digest foods properly for all those skin-loving nutrients to get into our body; and secondly, if we are not eliminating waste properly then excess toxins can circulate in the blood and may come out through the skin, in the sweat and sebum.”

Up Your Protein

One way to keep feeling fuller for longer is to increase the amount of protein in your diet. It is also a good idea to keep your protein levels up if you’re hitting the gym a lot like Victoria Secret model, Martha Hunt, she says:

“I have to add a lot more protein to my diet because I work out so much, doing things like weight training at Dogpound [the trendy Tribeca fitness studio], yoga and pilates – I try to make sure to get protein in every meal.”

If you want to increase your protein but aren’t a fan of meat, you should consider adding a protein powder to your diet. Nutritionist, Cassandra Barns, explains:

“For vegetarians and especially vegans, those who have a low appetite, struggle to digest protein foods, or are on a weight loss diet, then a plant based protein powder can be a great option. They are easy to digest and (in the case of those trying to lose weight) can be kept low-calorie. They can be used to make smoothies or shakes, and also added to savory foods such as stews and soups. I’d recommend Natures Plus Sunflower Protein (£22.50, naturesplus.co.uk).”

Flat Tummy Tricks

Tied with flawless skin, everyone is envious of those perfectly flat stomachs on the runway! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by Pilates, drinking water and probiotics. The model turned lingerie designer told Harper’s Bazaar:

“I have to really work on my stomach. I’ve found Pilates great because it’s slow and controlled and you really have to think about the muscles you’re working. I’ve also been doing Body by Simone, which is a high-powered dance class, and that also focuses a lot on the stomach. I drink a lot of water too. I always find that when I’ve not been drinking enough, I get more bloated. It sounds counter-productive but drinking more water will actually get rid of the water retention. Probiotics are great for keeping things moving as well, I throw them in a smoothie or take them in pill form.”

As well as keeping your stomach flat, there is a strong correlation between gut health and the appearance of your skin – Some people even say that your gut acts as a second brain! Cassandra, says:

“The skin is also closely connected to the gut and supporting gut function can help to reduce skin outbreaks. There are a number of studies linking the use of probiotics to positive outcomes for eczema, acne, rosacea and anti-aging. To support your skin include fermented foods in your diet, such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and miso soup. You can also take a supplement, such as Immune System Biotix by Quest (£13.49, qnutrapharma.com)”

Get An Endorphin Boost

Exercise is the obvious key to staying toned in the long run and boxing seems to have become the exercise of choice for many models including the Hadid sisters and other Victoria Secret stars like Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.

Jamie-Ray HIIT trainer at Another_Space, explains:

“Boxing is one of the best forms of training to stay in shape due to its overall full body workout. From your trapezius to your deltoids, your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest back & abs, you essentially engage all your upper body muscles as you throw punches, duck and slip to the side. Your legs get just as much a workout too. A lot of power when punching comes from your legs & hip rotation. Boxing can give you definition & muscle tone due to repetitive punches on the bag & constant shadow boxing before & after workouts will help you see a body transformation in your co ordination & your body awareness will improve too. Moving different parts of the body at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body and this also requires focus & discipline.”

Hydrate From The Inside Out

According to Kendall Jenner, hydration is the key to glowing skin. She told Estee Lauder Stories:

“I try not to wear too much makeup leading up to Fashion Week, because I want my skin to breathe. I also drink a ton of water. Keeping my skin hydrated is super important when everyone is taking makeup off and then back on again throughout all of the shows.”

Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at SupefoodUK.com, says:

“Hydrate – water, water, water! I know that we hear it over and over again but staying hydrated is one of the best steps you can take towards a glowing complexion. Our skin not only contains plenty of water, but it also functions as a protective barrier against excess moisture loss.”

If you regularly suffer with dry skin you might want to add a serum to your skincare routine for some extra hydration. Dr Roger Henderson says:

“If facial skin dryness is a problem this can be rebalanced and repaired by What Skin Needs Hydrating Facial Serum (£17.99, whatskinneeds.co.uk) that contains Plantolin and a range of vitamins and botanicals which help to provide hydration to skin cells without leaving any messy or greasy residue. This makes it useful in hydrating, nourishing and rebalancing skin and helping with skin cell renewal.”

Consistency Is Key

It’s much easier to get in your best shape or an event or a holiday when you’re consistently hitting the gym and keeping a healthy diet throughout the year. Runway veteran, Adriana Lima, says:

“Consistency is very important when it comes to eating, I eat six meals a day and work out at least six days a week doing mostly boxing.”

“I’ll mix [buckwheat] with hemp milk and honey, and I’ll eat it hot or cold depending on how I feel. Eating buckwheat before bedtime actually helps you burn calories while you sleep.”

Swapping refined white carbs to wheat-free alternatives is an easy way to ease bloating. Shona Wilkinson, nutritionist at http://www.SuperfoodUK.com, explains:

“Your body will love you as your blood sugar levels and therefore energy levels will improve, as will your bowels, as refined white flours can be very ‘clogging’ and potentially constipating.”

Cassandra adds:

“Clearspring Organic Buckwheat flour (£2.59, www.clearspring.co.uk) is naturally gluten-free and very nutritious. Like dark chocolate, it’s rich in magnesium, known as ‘nature’s tranquiliser’. It’s also a great source of iron, zinc and B vitamins to support energy and your immune system.”

Cut Out Sweet Snacks

An obvious one, but cutting out those sugary treats will leave you looking and feeling great. The new face of Adidas, Karlie Kloss, says:

“I stopped eating Goldfish and Oreos and started eating kale salads and avocado toast. It changed my energy. I realized, okay, how I eat affects how I feel.”

If you need some extra help to stop snacking, it’s best to always be prepared to curb your craving. Corrine Sweet, psychologist, says:

“What works best is to equip yourself with what you need:  be it your own healthy snacks in plastic bags and boxes, and/or a refillable water bottle.  You also need to write down your goals and keep them on your phone, or use an App or post-its round your home, on the cupboard doors, on the fridge, on mirrors, to remind you that you are on a new path.”

Keep an anti-snacking device like Slissie in your bag to stop you from snacking on the go (from £39.99, http://www.slissie.co.uk)

Treat Yourself

If you have a love of burgers to rival Gigi or Kendall’s, make sure that when you’re ordering your cheat meal that is as healthy as it can be. Shona says:

“Add a simple green salad as a side dish for a tasty yet healthy meal.  I wouldn’t order a burger that contained too much cheese and mayo, as these can up the calories. Always ask for any sauces to be served on the side so you have control over the amount you use. If you must go for fries, opt for the sweet potato fries, which don’t affect your blood sugar levels as much. This will help avoid that energy slump some people feel after a meal.”

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