Leather, a luxury or a necessity? To some, this is VERY debatable and I won’t lie, if I could own a real, genuine, good piece of leather I would be championing it’s cause (much to the dismay of protesters and animal rights activists). For some people this is easily affordable, for some its a rare treat, and for others it’s simply a no, no. Unless its leather gloves at £12.00 from Sainsburys…

In this piece I aim to show you several items of “leather” that are of faux material, appear just as good and offer the exact same, beautiful appeal at a fraction of the price.

This Autumn through to Winter, its been noted that leather is a big hitter on the trends alert for every retail shop. From Primark to Prada, from a skirt to a dress, the leather pieces are ones to admire. Pushing the outfit from simple to edgy, leather creates a ridiculously good dynamic to an outfit that cannot be matched. Being a ridiculous lover of this trend myself, it allows me to go everyday/night feeling confident, fashionable, on-point and alluring(ooh, la, la) Oh, leather I bloody love you!

Emma’s Faux leather best buys:

My new love…

Khaki, midi-pencil skirt- River Island, £30.00

Sleeveless shift- Warehouse, £48.00

Imitation camel tone leather short- H&M, 12.99

My absolute fave…

Leather culottes- Miss Selfridge, now £27.30

Words: Emma L Ryan

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