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For all you model lovers out there you may have heard of Gidi Hadid some time ago yet I seriously did not.  If I’m truly honest this love of Gidi only came around mid last year when she strut her stuff alongside Kendal Jenner. Along with Cara Delvigne and Hayley Baldwin and more, being part of that fashion pack she was always going to be a winner. Some may even state that she merely lives in the shadow of Kendall, but boy are they wrong. With her social connections, endless legs, stunning eyes and even off duty style, we’re on to a life long winner. Kendal, watch out another soon to be supermodel is about!

Off duty Gigi, shopping with boyfriend(and singer), Cody Simpson

Radio Disney music awards, 2014.

The Angel Ball, 2014

Glamour at it’s finest

Gigi and fellow ‘It’ girl, Kendall Jenner

– Basic makeup and effortless hair results in perfection.

Gigi for Tom Ford, makeup campaign

Maybelliene star, 2015 fave by far & model of the year award

Keep your eye on this one!

Emma L ouise Ryan


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