The summer season is always jam packed with fun and exciting things to do in the glorious sun. Festivals are part of summer’s incredible culture and as the sun-filled months arrive, we start planning our fashion-forward looks and outfits for festivals! Whether its V Fest or Reading, Wireless or Glastonbury, we will give you the fashion faux-pas that you can avoid this summer in order to rock your way through those festivals.

The fashion at festivals has become an entirely different genre of outfits where people are free to express themselves in a fun and colourful way. However, in the past years, people have taken it to the extreme. Think denim shorts that reveal a little too much, footwear that belongs on the red carpet and headpieces that are only used for native tribespeople.


Bikinis and bathing suits are big no-no’s for a festival. Especially in the UK. Swimwear is specifically for wearing in or around a pool (duh), so wearing this to a festival won’t be the most practical choice.  one of the most important things at a festival is comfort. Bathing suits are susceptible to ‘falling off’ or ‘slipping off’ and especially when you’re partying to the latest tunes, you aren’t going to want to be scrambling in the moshpits to find your bikini top – not classy.

Native American Headdresses

It may be impossible to resist sporting one of these explosion of feathers and colour on your head, but Native American Headdresses are not appropriate for festivals. The reason? These headdresses are culturally spirited and is an item reserved for revered elders. It may be seen as ‘disrespectful’ pr ‘mocking’ towards these people who have spent a lifetime earning the privilege to wear one of these items. Pharrel, the wacky and unique singer, wore one of these head pieces on the front cover of ELLE magazine which resulted in Native Americans tweeting how they were offended and unhappy with it. So it’s best to just leave that out for the festivals, we think.

Shorts or Skirts that are too Short

Shorts or skirts are a preppy, light garment which are well suited for summer festivals. BUT, if these items are too short that you can’t sit cross-legged in them, maybe they aren’t the right choice. Purely for your comfort, it isn’t the best way to go. You won’t want to have to keep pulling your shorts down, or holding the back of your skirt constantly as this would result in less time enjoying the music and your friend’s company. Opt for garments that are comfortable to wear and that you won’t feel self-conscious in so you’re are festival-ready!


We all know that suede is totally in right now as the 70s fashion appears in trends for the summer, but the practicality of the material isn’t suitable for festivals. If the rain is pouring, the material doesn’t do a great job on the drying front, so you will be damp for a long while. Also, once suede is dirty, theres no going back. So if you don’t want to ruin the cute, suede miniskirt you scored from Topshop’s Summer line, keep it in the wardrobe back at home and away from your festival outfit planning!


This may seem like an obvious festival no-no, but they do get worn, believe it or not. Heels will be infuriatingly annoying and yo won’t be able to have fun. They will dig into the grass, stopping you from being able to bust out your killer moves with your friends and the heels will obviously get damaged. Your feet will be begging for you to take them off, as you’re on your feet for a large proportion of the festival, do you really want to do that to your poor feet? If you’re not the tallest and want some height, opt for wedges or trainers with a hidden heel to boost you up a couple of centimetres.

Check out H&M’s range of clothing especially for festivals. Shop fabulous looks at cheap prices and start planning your festival wardrobe! For inspiration from the pro’s, check out Vanessa Hudgens or Kendall Jenner’s festival style as they are notoriously stylish when dressing for festivals!

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