Travel bucket list: Wanderlust is a common trait among many of us, with the ability to cross borders and experience different cultures helping to broaden our horizons and nourish us spiritually. Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic has halted any plans to travel in the short-term and could even have consequences on our holidays for years to come.

In a survey conducted by Jules Verne, a huge 72% of people said that their future travel plans would be influenced by the way the pandemic has shaped our lives.


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So, what does the ‘new normal’ we keep hearing so much about mean for our holidays to come?

Why travel is important

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you’ll know just how beneficial it can be.

The expectation and excitement about future plans to jet offcan help lift your mood when dealing with day-to-day stressesin the home or at work, while even bigger benefits are to come when you finally make it onto your adventure.

Whether on a fully fledged active holiday or something seemingly more sedate, chances are you’ll up your step count compared to a normal day in the life – those new city streets aren’t going to explore themselves!

And changing up that daily routine can help you see your life from a different angle for a while – it may bring you closer to a loved one, your friends or whoever you decide to make the trip with.

More than anything, ticking another destination off your bucket list will give you a sense of achievement – crucial for maintaining a healthy state of mind.


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How holidaymaking will change

Recent months have certainly changed the way we view the world – and travelling around it.

China (17%) and the USA (13%) ranked highest in Jules Verne’s study of places that people will now avoid travelling to, while more than half of the respondents said that their travel bucket list was not any more important to them now that Coronavirus has made so many of us re-evaluate our lives.

The pandemic has certainly seemed to heighten our need forsecurity and safety. The reputation of the travel company as well as the safety and hygiene of the destination were the three most important factors for booking the next tripaccording to the study.

Where will we go in the future?

Don’t fret – the world will reopen again. Indeed, UK holidaymakers keen to get on with booking their next venture are waiting for news on ‘Air Bridges’ – deals that the Government is looking to strike with European neighbours to ease restrictions on those holidaying in either direction.

Popular destinations like France, Spain and Greece are likely to be among those that get a deal, as well as Italy – the location most of those surveyed would book a trip to if Coronavirus suddenly became a thing of the past tomorrow – we can but dream.

Those longer trips may have to wait for now, but don’t give up on your travel bucket list – you’ll be able to complete it someday!

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