We started early, he said he wanted to wake up next to me on Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t resist, the sexual chemistry was like nothing I had experienced to date. I was gagging for the opportunity to take the situation further; it had been so long since I’d immersed in such a flirtatious bond. The passion was intense!

He stroked the top of my thigh and tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth. My eyes rolled back, as his cold hands crept up past my love handles and fiddled above my bra line. He invited me in and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I wanted him so bad but I didn’t want to seem too easy, I must admit, I was trying to play hard to get.  His rough hand caressed one side of my face, as he kissed just under my ear. He stopped abruptly! I was excited and nervous that he pursued me to this point. I lingered with my eyes closed missing his touch.

We stopped in the corridor and he pushed me against the wall, forcing his groin into my waist so I could feel his erection. He slowly began undressing me, kissing on my shoulder as he unveiled my bra strap. Lifting one breast out of its cup, he licked one nipple at a time. Unclipped my bra so I was completely topless and feeling a little vulnerable. My body was completely in his hands. I could feel his eyes, admiring every inch of me as he led me to his bedroom. I threw myself on the bed dragging him with me. His lips caressed me from behind my ear leading down my neck and on to my chest. Pulses raced through my back, he hovered over my nipple pulling, biting and twirling his tongue around. I was completely soaked, my mind was clouded with eager anticipation. He edged for a feel, my body sunk into the mattress.

I changed my position, wanting to be in control. I was backed up on his piece, flipped my hair and looked back at him – reverse cowgirl, my fave. Full grip on the girth, he rubbed his penis up and down my slit teasing me with every muscle flex. Slowly he began inserting me, poking me so I was experiencing the tip. Took it out, slapped it on my ass, rubbed my juices up to my centre then back down again. He sat back flexing his cock muscle. Stroked his hand down my back, stopped at my ass and gave me a pleasurable spank. My body whimpered, I was impatient and dripping. My impatience grew to aggravation, I craved that full blow. My back rippled as I grasped his half poke, he fumbled around still playing.

I snapped myself back into the zone, demanding he put it in. Adjusting his position, he re-aligned and went in for a slow full length poke. I anticipated the squeal and deep exhale… He groaned, I was confused! I drew him in closer to feel the complete penetration; he was fragile, semi boner fragile. I was confused! I was so wet he could barely stay in, I clenched my inner walls to keep him in. Every attempt to improve the stroke he went more and more limp. He scampered to save himself squeezing the girth then holding it inside me. I felt my blood boil, the disappointment in me led to lack of interest. Every desire in me wanted to save his ego, go down and give him the sloppy, but the savage in me said ‘boy bye’. The darkness cushioned the blow. He missed my eye roll as he went limp beside me and he whispered ‘this doesn’t usually happen…’

Words : xoshantsox

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