Laser Hair Removal : Body hair is a feature of the human body that does not serve any purpose at all, at least not anymore.

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Back when humans were living in caves and eating raw meat as fire was a discovery that was yet to be made; the human body was covered in a thick layer of hair that used to act as a form of natural insulation.

Over time, modern humans lost their thick layer of body hair but still, a relatively embarrassing layer of hair still grows out of the skin of modern humans. This is often left as it is by some but for many, irrespective of the gender, getting rid of body hair is a choice that serves the purpose of elevating one’s personal hygiene quotient by many folds.

With that stated, even a few years back, people had only a few ways to get rid of body hair. These are waxing, shaving and using epilators. But these are pretty painful and costly especially when one takes a look at the annual costs.

These days, both men and women, choose to go for pain-free LASER hair removal sessions and the reasons are simple, the results are impressive and the overall annual cost of LASER hair removal sessions is pretty low.

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So how does a professional LASER hair removal session remain pain-free even when your skin is being subjected to intense beams of LASER emanating from the body hair removal equipment? Well, that is simple.

The professional will take the following steps:-

● A numbing cream will be applied to the target areas on your skin especially if your skin has a dark tone or recently has been subjected to mild sunburn. The numbing cream is topical and will numb the target areas in your skin thus reducing the pain sensation in the same when the LASER beam hits the surface.

● The professional will ask you to shave the target areas in your skin so that the overall intensity of the LASER beam emanating from the equipment is set to low or moderate thus making it bearable for you to go through the session.

● The professional will break the session into multiple ones, over the course of a week or two and it all depends on your pain threshold, your skin tone, and whether or not your skin has been subjected to sunburn.

● The professional will ask you to consult with your doctor and make sure that you do not suffer from skin sensitivity or related issues in a bid to make sure that your skin does not get burnt or develop blisters/irritation after the LASER hair removal session concludes.

● The professional will also carry out a patch test on your skin before the main session begins just to make sure that your skin is compatible with the treatment.

LASER hair removal sessions are pretty common these days and the reason is simple, it is effective in keeping body hair growth rate minimal and at the same time, it is cost-effective, especially in the long run, when compared with other traditional forms of body hair removal solutions.

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