South East London Singer and Songwriter Laolu has released her latest single ‘Buffering’. The rising star has already garnered support from BBC 1Xtra, Clash Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, Spotify, Gal-Dem, Popdust and Noctis Magazine.

‘Buffering’ is the follow on single from Laolu’s debut EP ‘All In Me’ which was released last year.  The breathtaking visuals was due to the single being filmed in Red Rock Canyon State Park, just outside Los Angeles. Laolu can be seen walking out into a vast canyon adorned in brightly coloured garments . This creates a stark contrast against the barren desert, which she walks out into. Filmed by burgeoning filmmaker YHELLOW. The video was made to be a visual representation of the song and how Laolu was at a stage in her life where she was ‘Buffering.’

Laolu speaks on the direction of the video. “We used mirror imagery to give the viewer an idea of the mental torment that one can go through. YHELLOW used a long piece of fabric to symbolize the constraints of the world and my struggle to break free. At first the fabric would be tight and as I moved, it would loosen, until I was finally free of it, this would symbolise me breaking free from the cycle and finally moving forward. We didn’t really want a performance video as we wanted the imagery to speak for itself”.

‘Buffering’ was written when Laolu had come out of her depression & began her journey into music again. She stated “I felt my efforts to get back to normal or just move forward, were going nowhere & nothing seemed to be going right. I wrote this song to vent my frustrations, and just pour out all that I was feeling at the time”.





Words: @gyallikeannie

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