Ever wanted to play a board game but didn’t want to dust off the old Monopoly from last Christmas.

Feeling for something more exciting; something to get your adrenaline going and your heart racing. Look no further; I have for you the one and only hot and steamy two-player board game Monogamy.

You must be over 18 but. If you have a partner and hit the legal age limit, get your self this game or your partner, either way this is a perfect gift for two.

My partner and I played this game over the weekend. I am in a long distance relationship so each time we see each other we always want to make it special.  55 minutes passed of a game that last 90 minutes, we had ripped each other’s clothes off and tried things we had never thought of.


If you are a couple having a Netflix and chill night try this instead with a bottle of wine and make sure your home alone, or if you just feel like trying new things for a giggle, this will have you smiling and giggling the night away.  Another great advantage is you get to find out what your partner really likes and his deepest desires with the fantasy cards.

The best thing about this game is that you can start with small teasers and move your way as fast or slow as you wish, so if your shy, don’t panic, you get to play the game as you wish. The perfect part is every time you pass “Go” you must pick up a fantasy card, so if all them hints through the years haven’t worked on your other half this is a sure way to let him no what your desires are without feeling embarrassed, blame it all on the game.


This board game gives you everything from Steamy cards, where I ended up in the position of the 69 were I had no complaints, to intimate were I got to get him to be a romantic, all the way to passionate were I was happily surprised with the outcome.

I find most board games go on to long, and I never end up finishing the game to the end, in this case it doesn’t matter as I was left satisfied regardless, here I can be satisfies the whole way through and spend some quality time with my other half.  With Christmas arriving and finances stretching not as far as expected, I am able to have a more than affordable night in with my baby and really get to know each other inside and out, excuse the pun intended.


By Paige Russell

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