If you own your property, any home improvements you make have the potential to enhance or diminish its value. By making the right modifications, you can add value to your property and create a stunning living environment. With this in mind, take a look at these three ways of increasing your home’s value now:


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1. Convert Your Loft

A loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your property and, in the meantime, it will create functional space for you to enjoy. Velux conversions can be used to convert your loft without making structural changes, while dormer, hip-to-gable or Mansard conversions are designed to add space and/or height.

2. Install a Veranda

Adding a verandah to your property can transform your outdoor space and make your garden useable throughout the year. As well as being an effective patio cover, glass verandas can be enhanced with sliding or fixed glass walls, so you can create a permanent sun trap to enjoy. What’s more – heated verandas ensure complete comfort at any time of year. If you want to add value to your home and enhance your property with a stylish addition, look into a veranda as an option from experienced installers like Nationwide Home Innovations. With a free, no-obligation consultation from Nationwide, you can access bespoke designs, and get advice from top professionals.

3. Turn Your Garage into Living Space

If you don’t use your garage for vehicle storage, you could increase the value of your property by turning it into a useable living area. This works particularly well if your garage adjoins the property or if it’s situated within your garden. By adding insulation, heating and electrics, for example, turning your garage into a home office, gym or playroom can be relatively straightforward home improvements.

How Much Value Can You Add?

Before making major modifications to your property, it’s important to consider the impact any changes will have on its value. Knocking down a wall and turning two bedrooms into one, larger sleeping area could decrease the value of your property, for example, so it’s vital to factor this into your plans.

If you’re unsure what impact potential home improvements could have on your property, it’s always worth getting professional advice. Estate agents will be able to give you an idea of what your property is currently worth and what affect an extension, conversion or addition could have on the price. This will enable you to gauge the potential return each project can offer and determine the best way to add value to your home.

Designing Your Own Home

Of course, making changes to your home isn’t solely about increasing the property’s value. Any modifications you make should enhance your environment and create a bespoke living space for you to enjoy. By choosing home improvements that will add functionality and value to your home, you can achieve a perfect balance between protecting your investment and designing a unique property that fulfils your needs. Whether you opt for a glass veranda, convert your loft into an en-suite studio apartment or transform your garage into a multi-purpose home office, there are endless ways to make your home your own.

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