The dreaded hay fever season is upon us – and if you’re one of the unfortunate ones that suffer with it, we have some tips for you to protect your skin and cope with it a little better this year.

Hay fever really is an underrated issue to deal with, especially when its peak season is to last until September! If you’re not wanting to douse yourself with drowsy antihistamines everyday then here are some tips for you to try out:


Don’t knock it before you try it!

Try putting Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen. Yes it may feel a bit strange at first but it has been proven to act as a deterrent/way of coping with hay fever. By applying a thin coat of Vaseline around the rim of your nostrils acts as a way to “trap” pollen. It keeps it from entering the mucous membranes of the nose, where it can cause irritation.

Shower and change clothes

After being outside where the pollen count is high, shower and change your clothes to get rid of any pollen that may be clinging to your clothes or your body/hair.

Doing so will reduce any further risks of irritation and will also refresh your face and eyes after being outside.

Try using a hypoallergenic shower gel

Using a hypoallergenic shower gel can reduce any irritation caused by hay fever. The best one that we have used on the market is by Sanex. Sanex Dermo Hypo Allergenic Sensitive Shower gel retails for a minimal £3 and works extremely well, especially for hay fever sufferers.

The body wash has been developed for very sensitive skin with no colourants or soap to minimise the risk of irritation. While this shower gel gently cleanses and cares for your delicate skin, it also restores your skin’s natural pH thanks to its unique formula.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly will obviously capture any pollen that is lingering around the house. Also, another tip is to dust with a damp cloth. A damp cloth will essentially grip onto all dust/pollen that is lying around the house rather than brushing it around like you would with a dry cloth.

If any of these tips work for you, or you can think of any more hay fever coping mechanisms, then please let us know on our socials!

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