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We have all had that girly ‘makeup’ discussion, and exchanged ideas that men and social media throw at us about ‘deceiving’ with enhanced brows, highlighting and contouring…

‘It’s not good to look completely different’

‘If you look the same after makeup you clearly aren’t doing it right’

‘When your husband wakes up to you in the morning it’s going to be a shocker’

‘Makeup only enhances the beauty you already have’

Any of those phrases ring a bell? Well I compared a picture of my full ‘poker’ face, and a selfie I took without any makeup on when I went on holiday this year.

I noticed some differences in my ‘after’ picture; I had a less flat shaped nose, slightly more defined cheek bones and an airbrush finish because of my highlighter mixed in with setting powder. Oh and some parts of my face look lighter because of my contour/highlight.


Should one be ashamed of this? Should they feel like they are not in love with themselves as much as someone who goes to the club with nothing on?

In today’s society I think it has become easier to pass judgement on those who may be creating some sort of ‘deception’ because of the makeup they wear. Not saying that there aren’t some females that overdo it (yes… some really do) but to makeup lovers like myself I like to think that my makeup application is a form of art. It is an opportunity for me to express myself in the way I want to, the same way in which we express ourselves with the clothes we wear or the perfumes we decide to buy.

So what’s my verdict? The amount of makeup we wear is an individual choice; it is a preference, as long as you are comfortable in your own skin regardless. There is no right or wrong answer to whether a woman should wear makeup or not.

Well let’s flip the script. What about if we talk about the love of enhancing one’s beauty; the love of occasionally ‘faking it’ and the love of running to the toilets to perfect your fleecy eyebrows before a #bestieselfie.

It is important to recognise that you are beautiful without makeup, but you can enhance your existing beauty with that little bit extra! Why not?!

Words by Patricia Obaro Odje

Edited by Araminta Pender, T: @mintypender I: @araminta92

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