Using your spare time to your advantage doesn’t mean that you won’t be productive. If you use your leisure time the right way, it can actually help you get more done and increase your emotional wellbeing at the same time.

Use the time available for ease and relaxation for one or more of the following activities to see if they can help improve your wellbeing.

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Exercising is one of the best ways to spend your spare time. Working out will allow you to release healthy reward chemicals like dopamine which can truly improve your mood. Of course, your body will also stay healthy and you will reap the rewards for years to come. If you are looking to improveyour wellbeing, some form of regular workout is essential.

Home DIY

Doing home improvements is a great way to get a sense of progress and achievement. If you have a love for home renovations and decorations then all you need is some paint brushes and a set of Milwaukee tools to get started on your home DIY. From creating a headboard to building a swinging chair for your porch or an outdoor seating area – the choice is yours!


Gardening will give you a sense of achievement – and a great looking garden as well as a reason to spend time outdoors. There are no limits on the ways you can decorate your garden beds and you have plenty of possibilities when it comes to deciding which regional flowers you could plant or how you could improve your terrace or lawn.

Reading books/educational articles

Books and articles will help you to learn about new things and can increase your vocabulary at the same time. Try to read a different book each month to become educated on different topics you might find interesting but never had the opportunity to explore before.


Similarly to reading, writing can be a great creative outlet to explore. What you write about could be very personal and doesn’t need to be written for anybody else to read, but instead can be a way to better understand your thoughts or develop your ideas.

Take a dance class

If you are interested in dance, you could take a local course or sign up for a class online. Dancing can be very freeing and help you forget about any worries you may have. Any kind of dance or fitness classes can be fun and be a great way to release stress.

Take a drawing class

Drawing allows you to get creative. Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable drawing, just draw what comes naturally. Drawing is a skill that can be learned but most of all it’s about your creativity.

Other activities to enjoy in your free time and improve your wellbeing, are: meditation, learning a craft, cooking and many more.

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