Have you ever heard of the water challenge? The water challenge by Waterdrop is a challenge over 21 days with 1 goal in mind – to drink 2 litres of water every single day.

What are the benefits to the water challenge?

It offers an abundance of benefits like increasing energy, promoting weight loss, flushing out toxins, and boosting the immune system.

Water is also free of calories and sugar.

By drinking enough water you can suppress your appetite and eat less throughout the day and increase your body’s metabolic rate.

It can also increase your energy levels which will allow you to be more active. Most people are aware of this; however, we’re still not drinking enough H2O.

Waterdrop are a company who’s mission is to help customers drink more water and less sugary beverages, therefore living healthier, longer, and more sustainable lives.

What is a microdrink?

Waterdrop’s microdrinks are small cubes packed with real fruit and plant extracts and enriched with vitamins that dissolve in water to make a tasty, sugar-free beverage, anytime, anywhere.

Each flavour has been specifically formulated to create a unique and refreshing drink. A drink that is rich in fruit, plant extracts and high quality vitamins. This ensures they are rid of any artificial flavours, as well as being sugar, gluten, caffeine and lactose free.

Unlike bottled drinks, waterdrop’s cubes only require clean, drinking water, saving up to 98% of plastic compared to a conventional single-use bottle. In collaboration with Plastic Bank, for every 12-pack sold waterdrop® promises to collect one plastic bottle from the environment.

This means consumers can not only drink more sustainability, but can join the brand’s journey into a more sustainable future.

These microdrinks can be purchased in an array of flavours and they retail from £6.99 on their website.

Give the water challenge a try for 21 days and see if you can see and reap the benefits!

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