Each one of us has a different eye shape which is why sometimes when you may borrow a set of lashes from your bestie they may look completely different on you as oppose to on her, so below we have included instructions of how to pick the best lashes with founder of ivynilashes Chenay who breaks down the importance of having the correct lashes for you eye shape.

The brand have collaborated with some of the industry favourites such as music duo MelaTwins who have been seen rocking the brand.

iyvnilashes aka the brand of luxury is the official lash plug for yourself, your bestie and your mothers bestie. The brand took great time in creating styles for each eye shape as each style will compliment you in a unique way. The quirky names such as ‘flirt’ and ‘fun’ sit so well with the classy packaging which is of course still budget friendly.

Below Chenay shares some wisdom with us in terms of picking the correct lash style according to your eyeshape.

Deep Set Eyes 

These are eyes that sit right under your brow bone allowing flexibility to choose more dramatic lashes with length to compliment without overpowering the eyes.

Almond Eyes 

With these shaped eyes, you can be quite versatile with the lashes you choose simply because most styles will compliment this shape. Almond shaped eyes usually have a point at the end and wider in the centre of the eyes.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes usually have straight natural lashes, therefore false lashes would give the eyes an awaken feel allowing you to play around with lashes that are fuller on the outer corners to give the illusion of elongated eyes.

Round Eyes

Long, curly and wispy lashes are perfect for individuals with round shaped eyes, for the simple fact that this will give your eyes a more voluminous awakened look, whilst still again adding length in the corner of the lashes.

Close Set Eyes 

The inner corners of your eyes sit close to your nose for ladies with close set eyes, the best lash styles for this eye shape are lashes with length from the centre to the corner, which will help in highlighting your eye shape by lifting and lengthening your eyes.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes essentially means having more skin above your crease. The lashes best are ones with that are fuller in the centre with longer lengths which will help to give the illusion of bigger brighter eyes.

Don’t forget to check out the brand’s website –  ivyni.co.uk

Instagram – @ivynilash

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