My gosh! Oh my good God. Waw!! Beyonce is amazing. I can’t. Okay, just in case you missed it or simply want to re-watch it, the link is below:

According to digitalspy, yesterday’s Super Bowl game was the third most watched programme of all times (wonder what  came first) and was viewed by over 100 million eager eyes and ears. I am pretty sure majority of the viewers was not watching it for the American football!

‘Queen B’s’ live performance featured a medley of some of her top hits, there was even a ‘dutty whine’ segment. She brought a whole heap of ‘fierce’, sexy and as expected a lot of ‘hairography’. Nonetheless, her performance was fabulous. I’d say she made up for miming at President Obama’s inauguration.

Destiny’s Child briefly re-united once again for the night and as usual Bey took centre stage. Naturally Kelly held her own and Michelle still seemed to be in the shadows. Just a little bit.

Tracks performed included: End of Time, Halo, Independent Women (1), Bootylicious and Single Ladies. Overall, an amazing half time performance.

 By: Jan-Mare Revers ( @JammyDodgerZz )

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