What an amazing event! It was the first time I have ever been to an event like this and it certainly won’t be the last! I felt very inspired by the amazing people who were there. It was good to see people pursing their dreams with a positive attitude and to hear people’s stories. icon_smile-1828428

I first visited ‘Getting ahead In Law’ – the workshop
It really was an eye opener. Yes, on how hard and long the hours are, but also in the end, it’s worth it, as with everything in life, you need to put the hard work in to gain good results. Good things don’t come to those who wait – they come to those who are go getters. I was inspired by one particular speaker out of the four women leading the workshop. She stood out for me, because she was the only one who fail her Alevels and went on to so well. She spoke about how hard it was for her, not only being a woman, but also of colour. Her journey inspired me – from failing, to getting a full time paid job, to pursing her dream of becoming a barrister and now owning her own company!

I then visited the ‘Fashion show’
It was amazing! The models were beautiful; the clothing was beautiful, the whole event was beautiful!
From young children clothing to recycled suit and tie designs. I really enjoyed the show. The goody bags at the end were a touch icon_wink-8076285  After the event had finished, I was invited to go back stage to speak to the designers. I first met Amanda Rabor Director of Isossy Children Global Clothing wear.
Isossy Children was founded by Amanda Rabor in 2010. Isossy Children is a celebration of colour, vivacity, global influences and fashion. It offers children and their parents: choice, style and design, which is why, many of the pieces are limited edition prints. “It keeps our style unique and fresh. We want you to visit the website frequently with the knowledge that our styles and colours will change, offering parents new ranges for all occasions”, says Amanda.
Above are some pictures which Amanda sent directly of her clothing range. If interested contact Amanda herself by email: [email protected] and you can also keep up to date with her latest designs on Facebook and Twitter @isossychildren

I also met with another designer who inspired me, Adekeye (Kay) Oduneye. I asked him how he managed to get into fashion and why, he replied: ‘I’ve always been into fashion. I’m also a life coach and l like to base my designs on people’s personalities.’ His collection is a relaxed look aimed at men including suits and shirts. You can check out some of his designs on his website which will be coming soon and if you can’t wait that long, then follow him on Instagram [email protected] please do check his designs out, as I thought they were amazing even more so, as they are based on people’s personalities!

I also met with another designer called Jessica O-George. Jessica’s brand is Luxury Women’s wear. I found the clothing elegant and classy. She told me how she left fashion to pursue something else, but fashion was tugging at her, to make a return and now she is back for good! Thank goodness Jessica! As her collection was one of my favourites that showcased at the Inspirational You fashion show. Why not visit her website to have a look at the luxury brand?

Well I hope I haven’t bored you with me going on and on about how amazing everything was, but that’s what happens when you are inspired – you can’t stop talking about what inspired you! Anyway, please do check out these designers and share with family and friends. Also, goes without saying, hat off to Inspirational You, who are responsible for such an inspirational empowering event.

Written by Kylie Slevin

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